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Motorola acquires cloud streaming and sync company

22 Dec

Motorola today announced that it has acquired Zecter, a startup that specialises is personal cloud streaming and data sync technologies. Zecter currently provides two offerings – ZumoDrive for syncing content and ZumoCast for streaming media. According to a Motorola press release, the acquisition will help the company enhance its Moto Blur user interface, which is currently deployed on many Android phones but has failed to impress tech gurus.

“Motorola Mobility will integrate Zecter’s wireless syncing, desktop integration, video transcoding and thin-file retrieval technologies across its device and MOTOBLUR offerings to provide consumers with real-time access to their content.”

Current ZumoDrive and ZumoCast users will continue to enjoy the service but distribution of ZumoCast will be suspended while the team makes certain enhancements. Motorola aims to provide regular updates to current users.