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HTC launches 7 Mozart in India for Rs 26,490

3 Jan

HTC has today launched its second Windows Phone 7 smartphone in India – the 7 Mozart. We had earlier reported that HTC will launch the HD7 and the 7 Mozart in India in December. The HD7 was released last week for Rs 29,990.

The 7 Mozart has been launched with Tata DoCoMo for Rs 26,490. Tata DoCoMo subscribers will get some special data offer but the press release does not mention any details of this offer.

On the specs front, the Mozart 7 has a 3.7-inch WVGA display, an 8.0 MP camera with XENON flash that can shoot videos in 720p HD resolution, 8 GB of internal memory and a 1 GHz processor.

However, like the HD7, there is a catch. Microsoft has not launched Windows Phone 7 (the OS) in India yet so many features like XBOX Live support and Windows Marketplace are not available in India at the moment. Since HTC jumped the gun, in all likelihood, you’d end up using these Windows Phone 7 devices in India for calls, text messages, multimedia and browsing the Internet. Which is really a shame as the smartphone can do much more than that.

Having said that, many users might find the 7 Mozart as a great multimedia smartphone, especially considering the price point. Windows Phone 7 as an OS is much more usable than Symbian and the UI is more refined than Android. Yes, it does not multitask at the moment, but Microsoft is expected to launch an update soon (and we hear that all current Windows Phone 7 devices will be updated, unlike Android where the manufacturer decides which device gets an update and when). This update will bring both copy/paste and multitasking to the table.

However, if you still want Android (don’t get us wrong, we are die-hard Android users ourselves), HTC should be officially launching the Desire Z and the Desire HD in India any day now (we hear that these smartphones are already making their way to some retailers). So there is still some great gear coming up from the Taiwanese smartphone giant.

Update: HTC HD7 and 7 Mozart show up on India website, official announcement around the corner

24 Dec

Almost two weeks ago, we had reported that HTC is all set to introduce its Windows Phone 7 (WP7) devices in India despite Microsoft’s claims that WP7 will hit India sometime later in 2011. We were also the first to break that HTC intends to launch two WP7 devices right now and one of them would be the HD7 priced at around Rs 30,000.

Guess what, HTC’s India website now shows the HD7 and 7 Mozart as products available in the country. We are yet to ascertain the price of the 7 Mozart but it would be cheaper than the HD7. The 7 Mozart has an 8.0 MP camera, smaller 3.7-inch display and supports a slightly slower HSDPA 7.2 Mbps connectivity. Rest of the features appear to be similar to that of the HD7.

SOURCE: Fone Arena

UPDATE: We have been able to confirm some more details about HTC’s Windows Phone 7 launch. The 7 Mozart is priced at Rs 28,000. Currently none of the two devices officially support Windows Marketplace (Microsoft’s App Store equivalent) but we hear that this can be worked around by registering as a US-based user. Microsoft is expected to officially launch WP7 in India along with Marketplace earliest by March and latest by April.

Exclusive: Windows Phone 7 will launch in India in 2011

13 Oct

Smartphones running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system will be launched in India sometime next year only. While many European countries will get the first devices on October 21 and on November 11 in the US, Microsoft is still tying up some loose ends. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, “in India, the range of devices will roll out next year when we believe we will be able to deliver a richer smartphone experience with a service portfolio that will include paid applications through the Windows Phone MarketPlace.”

Microsoft shares details about Windows Phone 7, device availability and cloud features

14 Jul

With the Developer Tool Kit and pre-production devices for developers out of the way, Microsoft is now trying to get the web talking about its upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS and range of devices. Today, they revealed some more details about the cloud services that Windows Phone 7 (WP7) will feature as well as details on the countries where Windows Phone 7 will make a splash first. Most of the information is old, so we will just tell you what’s new.

WP7 will be able to sync with most popular e-mail providers and will be deeply integrated with Microsoft’s own Windows Live IM and file share service. What’s more, you would also be able to access Xbox Live with WP7 devices.

We always wanted to know how it would integrate Zune – Microsoft’s music service. WP7 devices will be able to share and transfer music, videos and photos via Wi-Fi on a PC on which Zune software is installed. Unfortunately, Zune is not available in India yet, but we expect it to become a sort of iTunes for WP7 in terms of syncing multimedia content between a WP7 device and a PC. We ain’t sure what will happen to Windows Media Player, the de facto media sync software for current WinMo devices. We don’t see both Zune and Windows Media Player being employed to do the same task. In all likelihood, Microsoft will extend Zune to other markets, if not the entire music store then at least the software just like Apple does with iTunes – users in India cannot buy music, videos or movies.

Microsoft will also launch a Windows Phone Live companion site that will offer 25 GB of storage space to keep a back up of pictures and everything else that’s on your WP7 phone. From the same portal, users will be able to find their phone and even remotely wipe it if it gets lost.

While Microsoft still won’t tell us when WP7 will be commercially launched, it does gives us a list of 17 countries where users will be able to buy apps from the Market Place: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK and United States. Yup, India is there in the list, which could be indicative that we might see the first wave of WP7 devices as they are launched later this year.

Features and availability aside, one tiny detail that really caught our attention is this excerpt from the Windows Team Blog:

This is a fresh start for Microsoft’s mobile efforts; one in which we put the end user experiences at the center of every decision we make, from architecting a new design and integrated on-phone experiences, to taking more accountability for the hardware and application development platform.

Hopefully, Microsoft would take its smartphone business more seriously unlike the past where they have done little after launching a version of their mobile OS.