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HTC launches HD Mini in India

12 May

HTC has finally launched the HD Mini in India today. The HD Mini was announced along with two other devices – the Legend and Desire in February. While these two are based on Android, the HTC HD Mini follows the customary tradition of the HD2 and runs on Windows Mobile 6.5.

The list of the tech-specs includes a 3.2 inch HVGA screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, pre-embedded Opera Mobile browser, 3.5 mm audio jack, FM Radio, 5.0 MP camera with auto focus and widescreen photo capture. Expect 8 hours of video playback and talktime. Audio playback will last for 12 hours.

Like we had anticipated, buyers will have to shell out Rs 23,490 to own an HTC HD Mini. We think it’s too much to spend on a Windows Mobile device especially when you can get Android devices such as Acer Liquid and Samsung Galaxy by spending much lesser.

What we expect from HTC now: With HD Mini launched today and Legend already out there for quite sometime now, it is only the official launch of HTC Desire that we most desire at this point of time!

Microsoft does a patent agreement with HTC… for Android phones?

28 Apr

This is one puzzling news release to come out from Microsoft. The software giant has signed a patent agreement with HTC, under which HTC will pay royalties to Microsoft for its portfolio of Android phones. The release does not mention what fuctions these patents relate to but we have a sneaking suspicion that this agreement would somehow help HTC to take on Apple in the patent infringement lawsuit the Cupertino-based company has filed against the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer. 

HTC HD Mini to make its India debut this week

28 Apr

HTC had first showcased its trio of new devices – the HD Mini, Legend and Desire – way back in February during MWC. Though we still wait for the Desire, the Legend was launched a few days ago and now we hear our trusted sources whispering that the little brother of HD2, the HD Mini is expected to be launched by the end of this week for around Rs 23,000. There hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the date of launch by HTC.

We ain’t convinced that at Rs 23,000, the HD Mini provides a bang for your buck considering that there are many Android devices like the Hero and Samsung Galaxy that are selling at much lower price points.

Windows Phone 7 impresses all with its office suite in the new updated videos

26 Apr

If you have been lately wondering how the office suite would look like on Windows Phone 7 then here are the two demonstrations that might satisfy curiosity. This week, a pair of videos were uploaded in which Windows Phone 7 is flaunting its office support; the first one centres around emails, events and schedule functionality and the second one provides you a general description of the Office hub. The demonstrations show how easy it is to add and make changes in emails especially when changes are made in the PowerPoint files as displayed in the first video. We also liked the ‘House Remodel’ part in the second demo video where you can add voice recordings of the surroundings into your presentation.

via MobilityDigest

Google Maps 4.1 on WinMo and Symbian S60 handsets get voice search

22 Apr

The very convenient option of search by voice in Google Maps for mobile was so far enjoyed by BlackBerry and the robot-themed handset users. But yesterday, Google happily announced the inclusion of search by voice option in Google Maps 4.1 for WinMo and Symbian S60 phones. This great feature saves you the trouble of typing long addresses by just simply letting you pronounce the search items.

After opening Google maps, instead of typing, users have to press the ‘call button’ and then speak out the search term. Another change that users will find is the redesigned settings page with various language choices and other supported options such as multiple English accents and Mandarin Chinese.


To install the latest version of Google Maps for mobile 4.1, WinMo and Symbian S60 handset users have to visit m.google.com/maps from the phone’s browser.

Opera’s State of the Mobile Web Report for February 2010

31 Mar

The Norwegian browser maker – Opera, has released its State of the Mobile Web Report for February 2010. By compressing 90 per cent of the web pages and making telephone bills appear happier even for users even with flat-rate data plans, the browser vendor has not only satisfied Opera Mini users but also the carriers. The company has managed to generate over $1 billion per year for telecom operators globally. Opera has also made it clear that their servers are responsible for the fast browsing experience and not the ‘strained telecom networks’.


In the month of February, 50.5 million people were recorded for using Opera Mini and the browser compressed 3 Petabytes of operator data for its users. Say thanks to its compression technology that has saved consumers $8 billion worldwide on their mobile browsing bills.


Nokia devices occupy the top ten spots in India for the maximum usage of the Opera browser. The list includes – Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, 2700 classic, N70, 3110 classic, 6300, N73, 7210, N72, 5310 XpressMusic and 3500 classic. But that should change in the coming months as Nokia faces intense competition from emerging players like Micromax and Spice, that come preloaded with Opera Mini browser.

Garmin-Asus launches M10, India's first WinMo 6.5.3 handset

30 Mar

Garmin and Asus’ teamwork gave us the two phones- the M20 and the G60 in the past.  And now the third phone by this successful partnership is finally in India, a dedicated navigation handheld – the M10. The coolest thing about this one is that, it has got pre-embedded maps of 62 major Indian cities (thanks to Navteq) offering integrated turn-by-turn navigation, lane assistance with junction view and text to speech (reads out road names). There is also a Ciao feature in the handset that will let you know on which road is your friend travelling. Just to sum it up, it’s more like an inclusion of the best GPS device by Garmin into this phone.


On the specs front, it is based on the latest updated version WinMo 6.5.3, sports a 3.5 inch display, a 600 MHz processor by Qualcomm, Wi-Fi, a 5.0 MP camera, VGA video recording, 4 GB of onboard storage and talktime of 8 hours.
Wondering how much you would have to shell out on this one? We’ll say, take a sigh of relief as this one is available in the market for just Rs 19,990.

We have had a chance to take the M10 for a spin and will be posting our first impressions in the coming days.

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