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Mysterious HTC WP7 phone shows up

26 Jul

Photographs of an unseen, unheard of HTC phone running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 (WP7) OS have been splattered on Engadget. The device, which looks like the WP7 version of Desire (sans the trackball), has a 3.7 inch display and is powered by a 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It also has an 8.0 MP snapper.

With WP7 launch around the corner, we should be witnessing more such leaks. But more than the new devices, we are curious to see how WP7 performs when pitted against Android, considering both the platforms share more or less the same OEM ecosystem.

Microsoft releases Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta, to ship Windows Phone 7 devices to devs from July 19!

13 Jul

Microsoft has today released a beta version of developer tools for its upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS and devices running on it. With first Windows Phone 7 smartphones expected to be released around October or November, there is not much time left really for some cool apps for the OS. Along with the tools, Microsoft is also sending out a bunch of pre-production Windows Phone 7 smartphones to select developers who have registered with them! The first devices will leave Redmond on July 19 and we bet that some of them will end up on eBay in less than a week’s time. If you are a developer, you should check the Windows Phone Developer Blog and the rest of us should keep our eyes set on eBay!

LG outlines its smartphone strategy

5 Jul

LG today outlined its global smartphone strategy during the launch of its latest Android smartphone, the Optimus Z, in Korea. From whatever little we could glean off this crudely translated LG Korea press release, it seems that LG will launch its Optimus Series of phones globally. The series includes the high-end Optimus Z, which runs on Android 2.2 and has a 3.8 inch display, HD video recording and probably even HD TV-out. Then there is the Optimus Q in the mid-segment and one Optimus Chic as the entry-level Android smartphone that will run on Android 2.1.

The press release also mentions Android-based Internet tablet devices in Q4 apart from a Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Looks like we are staring into a string of high-profile launches from LG. Stay tuned in…

LG launches app store for both feature and smartphones

5 Jul

LG has relaunched its application store that now has more applications and is now no longer restricted to smartphones with apps for feature phones. LG had first announced its application store during CommunicAsia last year along with the launch of the ‘first’ Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone (which was eventually launched on WinMo 6.1 and we ain’t sure if it ever got updated to WinMo 6.5).

The revamped application store will host about 3,000 apps with half of them for feature phones. Currently, the store supports Java and Windows Mobile devices and support for Android devices is in the works. According to LG, the store will be functional in 23 countries and will be extended to 33 countries soon. India is among the supported countries and you can check out the store here

LG's Windows Phone 7 pic leaked

18 May

You are looking at LG’s first smartphone running Windows Phone 7. We ain’t sure at the moment if this is just another prototype or a commercial device, but we would rather believe it to be the latter considering that the first devices running Microsoft’s new OS will be launched in less than six months from now. The source insists that it has a QWERTY keyboard tucked away somewhere and from the looks of it, it looks kind of difficult considering the ssheer size of this beast. We are sure that this is the real deal as it looks like a polished device that also adhers to the ‘only-three-keys’ rule imposed by Microsoft. The display, which appears to be at least 3.8 inches diagonally will support multi-touch and the device will also have at least a 1 GHz processor and high-end graphics rendering capabilities. Now the question is, if LG can come up with something like this, what will HTC deliver?

Microsoft Office 2010 Mobile now available for WinMo 6.5 users

12 May

Microsoft today announced the global availability of MS Office 2010 for PC and mobile. Users of Windows Mobile 6.5 devices that have an older version of MS Office Mobile can now download MS Office 2010 Mobile from Windows Marketplace on their phones.

LG JS750 to run Windows Phone 7?

12 May

LG is preparing a Windows Mobile based device and considering that the first Windows Phone 7 (WP7) devices are less than six months away, this could very well be LG’s first WP7 smartphone. Called the JS750, the UA Profile does not do a great job of revealing details apart from the fact that it runs some version of Windows Mobile (we are betting on WP7) has a 480×800 pixel WVGA display and might have a phone keypad (we doubt). We just hope that LG does a better job than what they did with the Joy (the first WinMo 6.5 smartphone) and give WP7 the respect that it deserves.

HTC launches HD Mini in India

12 May

HTC has finally launched the HD Mini in India today. The HD Mini was announced along with two other devices – the Legend and Desire in February. While these two are based on Android, the HTC HD Mini follows the customary tradition of the HD2 and runs on Windows Mobile 6.5.

The list of the tech-specs includes a 3.2 inch HVGA screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, pre-embedded Opera Mobile browser, 3.5 mm audio jack, FM Radio, 5.0 MP camera with auto focus and widescreen photo capture. Expect 8 hours of video playback and talktime. Audio playback will last for 12 hours.

Like we had anticipated, buyers will have to shell out Rs 23,490 to own an HTC HD Mini. We think it’s too much to spend on a Windows Mobile device especially when you can get Android devices such as Acer Liquid and Samsung Galaxy by spending much lesser.

What we expect from HTC now: With HD Mini launched today and Legend already out there for quite sometime now, it is only the official launch of HTC Desire that we most desire at this point of time!

Microsoft does a patent agreement with HTC… for Android phones?

28 Apr

This is one puzzling news release to come out from Microsoft. The software giant has signed a patent agreement with HTC, under which HTC will pay royalties to Microsoft for its portfolio of Android phones. The release does not mention what fuctions these patents relate to but we have a sneaking suspicion that this agreement would somehow help HTC to take on Apple in the patent infringement lawsuit the Cupertino-based company has filed against the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer. 

HTC HD Mini to make its India debut this week

28 Apr

HTC had first showcased its trio of new devices – the HD Mini, Legend and Desire – way back in February during MWC. Though we still wait for the Desire, the Legend was launched a few days ago and now we hear our trusted sources whispering that the little brother of HD2, the HD Mini is expected to be launched by the end of this week for around Rs 23,000. There hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the date of launch by HTC.

We ain’t convinced that at Rs 23,000, the HD Mini provides a bang for your buck considering that there are many Android devices like the Hero and Samsung Galaxy that are selling at much lower price points.