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Palm's Jon Rubinstein: We have some hit smartphones coming up

16 Nov

Jon Rubinstein, Palm’s CEO before it got acquired by HP, today revealed at the Web 2.0 Summit that HP will launch a webOS based Internet Tablet and some ‘hit’ smartphones next year. He believes that the smartphone game today is all about coming out with ‘hits’ and Palm/HP does have a few of them coming up.

While he won’t commit on a time frame for the launch of these devices, Rubinstein maintains that webOS aficionados should “be patient.” ┬áHe also revealed that after the acquisition they have the resources to invest in attracting developers to the webOS platform. HP will also launch some printers running on webOS operating system.

When questioned whether there is space in the market for as many as five mobile operating systems, Rubinstein said he did in fact believe that there is space for that many platforms.