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Versace announces world’s first luxury touchscreen phone – the Versace Unique

20 May

We know exactly what you’re wondering after looking at this picture at the left. The sexy device in question is the Versace Unique, the world’s first luxury touchscreen phone by Versace, created in collaboration with ModeLabs Group. While the former is a world-renowned luxury fashion brand, the latter is a company that designs and markets tailor-made handsets. ModeLabs has done the design-execution part for Versace Unique whereas its partner LG has taken care of the UI and the technology part.

The frame of this sturdy handheld is made from pure ceramic and handmade lacquers. The edges are either given an 18K gold finish or 316L grade stainless steel inlay. The touchcreen display is scratch-resistant, smooth and receptive because of the sapphire crystal screen. On the back, the logo of Versace, the Medusa head is carefully embossed on the handcrafted leather.

We believe even the tech-specs aren’t that disappointing considering the fact that most of the luxury phones lack on the feature front. Versace Unique is 3G-enabled, features a media player, a 5.0 MP camera, an MP3 player with Dolby Mobile surround sound technology. Users can also watch video at a stretch for a period of 30 hours.

The Versace Unique will be available in Versace’s flagship stores in early June. Still thinking about the price? Dude, you know there’s always a common tag-line attached to most of the luxury products that says – “price on request!”