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Versace Unique phone coming to India for a staggering Rs 4.5 lakhs!

13 Nov

Luxury brand Versace is all set to launch its first cellphone in India – the Versace Unique Ceramic collection. Like everything Versace, the phone will carry a price tag that will keep it out of our (and in all probability your) reach – expected to be an astronomical Rs 4.5 lakhs. Why, you ask? Well, firstly it is a Versace. Secondly it has a pure ceramic frame with an 18K gold or 316L stainless steel frame. Thirdly, its rear is made of crocodile leather and finally, every phone is hand assembled.

While features don’t really matter with such phones, this stunner has a sapphire crystal touchscreen and borrows its circuitry from LG. It is 3G enabled and has a 5.0 MP camera and Dolby Surround Sound.