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One97 announces $100 million fund for mobile VAS startups in India

25 Jun

One97, one of India’s largest mobile Value Added Services (VAS) provider, in association with SAIF Partners, has announced a $100 million fund to support entrepreneurs who aspire to make it big in the mobile VAS arena. The fund will invest in companies (seed or early stage and growth stage) with deal sizes ranging from $500,000 to $5 million.

“OMF supports companies that are focused on serving the Indian markets and leverage mobile as the key delivery medium for customers and enterprises. This includes – device apps, location based services, m-commerce, MMA, video, content aggregation among others.”

If your big idea falls in this space, do check out One97 Mobility Fund here.

IMImobile's Cell Shakti targets rural India VAS market

24 Jun

IMImobile, a leading provider of technology to major carriers in India has announced launched Cell Shakti, a specialised mobile VAS for rural India. The concept of this new application by IMImobile is very similar to Nokia Life Tools. Just like Nokia Life Tools, Cell Shakti aims at empowering the rural population with valuable information through voice-based services which include information about weather, healthcare, education, basic law and order apart from the latest rates from local markets. These voice based services can also be customised on demand in regional languages.

Airtel Subscribers can call 52345006 to subscribe to Cell Shakti. Users can also listen to the live updates in Telugu on their handsets by dialling 52345006. The subscription charges for this service are Re 1 per day.

Airtel launches voice blogging service

14 Jun

Airtel has launched a voice blogging service where users can follow their friends, celebrities and even create communities and receive voice messages. The service is available on Airtel Blog, which was launched three months ago and has nearly two million users.

How Airtel Blog Works

To subscribe to a voice-blogger and follow their updates, simply dial *short-code* (for example *5000* for Amitabh Bachchan, or *91xxxxxxxx* for a friend.)

To launch a voice-blog (free), just dial *7* and follow the prompts.

When status updates are recorded, followers will receive free SMS notifications, and will be prompted to dial *2* to listen to the updates in their Airtel Blog inbox. Standard airtime charges apply.

To follow celebrities on Airtel Blog, customers simply dial the *short-code* of the voice-blogger they want to hear on their Airtel mobile:

Amitabh Bachchan: *5000*
Arshad Warsi: *5201*
Lara Dutta: *5148*
Neetu Chandra *5147*
VJ Ranvijay – Ranvijay: *5021*
Sonu Nigam: *5030*

Airtel does a Tata, offers caller ring tones…

3 May

Gone by are the days of you listening patiently to the conventional tring tring or the torturous hello tune of the person you call. With Airtel’s My Tunes service, Airtel subscribers can now choose their favourite track and keep listening to it whenever they make calls which mean they can avoid listening to other people’s caller tunes. The concept is quite similar to Tata DoCoMo’s My Song service which was launched nearly a month ago.

While Tata DoCoMo’s My Song service let’s you fix three songs for a particular contact, Airtel’s My Tunes service fixes one song for all contacts till the time a subscriber changes it. My Tunes by Airtel would charge you Rs 15 per week and the access charges would be 30 paise per minute. The music library is definitely vast with about half a million tracks open for your selection.

To subscribe to My Tunes, Airtel users have to dial 54345 from their mobile phone.

Toll-free calls to your operators might not be free in future!

2 Mar

A few telecom operators have sent a proposal to TRAI, wishing to charge for the calls made by customers, which are not complaints. That means if you make a call on a toll-free number to get other details and not to file a complaint, then your call might not be free.


Seeking information by calling customer care centres of various operators for details of international calling cards, internet connections, GPRS services, news alerts, astro alerts, stock alerts and other such details of VAS (Value Added Services) will be charged. The proposal also demands for a common toll-free number for all service providers.


But why are the telecom operators acting so scrooge lately? By offering cut-throat tariffs, the margins of the companies have suffered immensely. It is virtually impossible for come carriers to sustain the current tariffs and as a result, they strongly feel the need to levy charges in any way possible.

Source: Business Standard

Now check your mails without a GPRS connection on Tata Indicom and Tata DoCoMo

3 Feb

Bygone is the time when mails were read and composed on high-end devices through GPRS or Wi-Fi connections. Tata Teleservices has launched a new service called ‘Push 4 All Mail’ which eliminates the need to subscribe to GPRS plans for operating mail accounts. The service is available for both Tata DoCoMo and Tata Indicom users. It allows people with basic phones or no GPRS connectivity to check their mails anytime they want via SMS.


‘Push 4 All Mail’ service enables users to access their Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo accounts on any device through SMS. The service runs three accounts simultaneously. Users can compose, reply, forward, delete and filter emails.


To subscribe to this service:

Tata Indicom users need to send:      “optin <email id> <password>” to 582829

Tata DoCoMo users need to send:    “optin <email id> <password>” to 52206

Monthly Charges:                               Rs 15

Cost per SMS:                                   50 paise

RCom brings your favourite Cartoon Network comics on mobile!

24 Jan

Rcom has a new value added service to offer – Cartoon Network Comics on mobile. The new service will be offered to all RCom GSM subscribers across India. The comic series will include popular Cartoon Network characters such as Ben 10, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls. Along with these toon stars, our favourite comic series, Archie will also be available.


Users will receive one comic strip from each of the above mentioned titles at a subscription fee of Re 1 per day. Well just to remind you, few days ago Tata DoCoMo had launched a similar comic viewer application, Docomics, being offered at a subscription fee of Rs 15 per comic chapter.