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RCom launches Twitter via SMS, voice blogging services

19 Nov

Reliance Communications (RCom) today announced the launch of Twitter via SMS and voice blogging services for both GSM and CDMA subscribers. To get Twitter on SMS, RCOm subscribers have to send START as a text message to 53000. The service is free till November 30.

RCom has also launched a celebrity voice blog service where subscribers will be able to hear voice blogs of their favourite celebs via the carrier’s IVR service. Currently, RCom has roped in John Abraham Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra, Sonu Nigam, and regional film stars like Riya Sen (Bengali), Ravi Kisen (Bhojpuri) and Pooja Gandhi (Kannada) among others. The service is powered by Bubble Motion and RCom expects some sports stars to join sometime next year.

Twitter rolls out @mention push notification for SMS and iPhone

17 Nov

A few minutes ago, Twitter announced that it has rolled out push notifications for @mentions for the iPhone and even for users accessing Twitter over text messaging. If you are an iPhone user, update your Twitter app from the iTunes App Store to get this new feature. To get a text alert any time someone mentions you on Twitter just go to http://www.twitter.com/devices and register your cellphone number.

Trill: A solid app for S60 text Tweeters!

4 Aug

One of the biggest complaints we have had about the Symbian S60 platform is the fact that barring the excellent Gravity (which, alas, comes for a rather high price, as far as apps go), good Twitter apps are rather hard to come by. This absence of Twitteralia becomes all the more conspicuous when one considers all the free Twitter apps that abound in the Android Market, the Apple App Store and even the BlackBerry App World. So you can imagine our delight when we heard that the good folk at Spice Labs had put a new Twitter client, called Trill, on the Ovi Store, which would run on Symbian Series 60 (3rd edition) devices, and hallelujah, would cost not a penny.

Of course, we went right ahead and downloaded it on our trusty Nokia E72 (turning a deaf ear to cries of “you are still using that phone” from the resident iPhone/Android squad) and well, while we were not exactly blown away by what we saw, it was a very handy app indeed. At 0.79 MB, it is not the heaviest download, although registering your Twitter account is mildly inconvenient – you launch the app, which launches the browser, where you enter your password and username, and then the browser closes and dumps you back into the app, which then starts loading your Tweets. The app itself is a decent, solid Twitter app if all one is looking for is the option to read and make some tweets and also check on one’s followers. You do not get options like the ability to shorten a URL or upload a picture, but if it is just text you are after and the option to open links mentioned in tweets, this will more than do. It is stable, quick, shows profile details, and allows you to search for other tweets and tweeters apart from doing basic stuff like making tweets, answering tweets and retweeting.

No, we do not think Trill is the answer to our prayers for a powerful Twitter client for S60, but it is more than a welcome addition to the rather thin Twitter offerings at the Ovi Store.

BlackBerry’s Twitter app sheds its beta tag

8 Jul

The BlackBerry Twitter app has officially deserted its beta tag and has now arrived in a fuller and a more promising version. Unlike the beta version of RIM’s Twitter client which was known for crashing more than often, this new version is designed to negate all that bad reputation since its launch in April. The new version features ‘Go to User’ option – the ability to access any user’s profile from anywhere in the application. Users can now edit re-tweets, view photos from Yfrog and Tweetphoto, and can also view geo-tagged Tweets. Other features like Report as Spam, Personal Info Guard and hotkeys for navigation are also added to this new version.

Try out this latest version by downloading it from here.

LG bakes two new cookies, flavours them Cookie Fresh and Cookie Plus

22 Jun

LG has launched two new phones in its Cookie range, the Cookie Fresh (GS290) and the Cookie Plus (GS500v). These two cookies, like the original Cookie (KP500) and the Cookie Pep (GD510), are full touchscreen social networking phones with one touch access to popular social networks like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter.

The LG Cookie Fresh has a 3.0 inch display, 2.0 MP camera with 2X digital zoom and video recording, Bluetooth, 28 MB of internal memory (can be upgraded to 16GB with a microSD card), FM radio, MP3 player and will provide 10 hours of talktime. The handset is priced at Rs 6,199.

The LG Cookie Plus is 3G enabled and runs on LG’s S-class UI. It sports a 3.0 inch WVGA touchscreen display, 3.0 MP camera with video recording, 3.5 mm audio jack, FM radio, MP3 player, 30 MB of internal memory expandable up to 8 GB with a microSD card and will offer 10 hours of talktime. The phone also features motion sensing gaming. With the editable screenshot feature, users can draw and write on screen shots and photos before sharing them with their buddies. The LG Cookie Plus is available for Rs 7,999.

Tweetie returns as official Twitter app for iPhone

21 May

All those who have been using their Godphones for Tweeting away merrily have got good reason to cheer – a few weeks after Android got an official Twitter app, it is now the turn of the iPhone to get one. What’s more, it is in fact a rejigged version of one of the best Twitter apps on the app store, Tweetie. Twitter had grabbed the app (along with head developer Loren Brichter) some time ago and now has brought out a rejigged version of the app, only with the Twitter brandname stamped firmly on it.

There is lots of Twitter goodness on offer.  Apart from the good old basics of posting your tweets and following those of others, you can check out trends, the most popular tweets at the moment and who is tweeting in the vicinity, the last three without even logging in. Another feature we like is the fact that you can sign up for an account directly from the app without having to go to the website at all!

But we saved the best for last, Tweetie…errr…Twitter is FREE, unlike Tweetie which set us back by USD 2.99. Worth a download, folks, say we. It certainly is working very well indeed on our 3GS, bless it.

Twitter launches official Android app

30 Apr

After acquiring Tweetie on iPhone and launching an app for BlackBerry, Twitter today announced the availability of their official app for Android.

The app, which is only available for devices running Android 2.1 or later aims to make full use of the sharing feature of Android platform.

Apart from providing a widget that will show your Twiter timeline on the homscreen, it also integrates your friend’s latest Tweets in the phonebook’s QuickContact bar.

And of course, like any other Twitter app on Android you can share links and pictures from other apps using the ‘share’ option. It can also show Tweets on Google Maps (as shown in this screenshot).

Twitter says that this is just the beginning and there is much more to come on Android. Well, we cannot wait to give this app a quick spin on our Milestone even as we wait for HTC to provide the promised update for the Hero.

Hey HTC, we are now running out of reasons why it is a good time to update the Hero. Better release it before we junk our Hero in the bin and pick up a non-HTC Android smartphone. Are you listening?