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TRAI mulls regulation to block stolen handsets

3 Nov

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a consultation paper to seek opinions from carriers about blocking handsets that have been reported stolen from their networks. The move will help curb theft of cellphones as they won’t be able to use the phone on any network in the country. At the moment, in case of cellphone theft, subscribers can only get their SIM cards blocked and the handset can be used by anyone. However, if TRAI goes ahead with the proposal, subscribers will be able to get the IMEI number of their phone blocked on all carriers. IMEI is a 16-digit identity number, which is unique to every handset.


TRAI had mulled a similar proposal in 2004 but it could not be enforced as carriers at that time did not have the means to track and block IMEI numbers. However, in 2008, all carriers were asked to have such infrastructure in place as cellphones with fake IMEI numbers were posing a security threat. Since carriers have the infrastructure in place, it should be relatively easier to make it mandatory to block stolen cellphones. You can check out the consultation paper here.

India adds 16.9 million mobile subscribers in May

29 Jun

According to TRAI’s report for telecom subscriber growth in May, India has added 16.9 million new mobile subscribers in May. With a wireless subscriber base of 617 million and the wireline subscriber base of 36 million, the total telecom subscriber base of India has crossed 653 million.

Airtel has added 3 million new subscribers in May followed by RCom and Vodafone, which added 2.8 million and 2.5 million new subscribers, respectively. While 10 out of 11 carriers have made net additions, Uninor has lost a few subscribers. Check out the subscriber additions of each carrier in the table below:

Carriers       May additions Wireless subscriber base
         (in millions)          (in millions)
         Aircel               1.6                40.07
         Airtel               3.0              133.6
         BSNL               1.05               71.6
         Idea               1.4               66.7
         MTNL               0.03                5.1
         Sistema               0.4                4.6
         RCom               2.8            107.9
         Stel               0.1                1.2
     Tata Teleservices               2.3              70.2
        Uninor           -0.008               5.0
       Vodafone              2.5            106.3

India adds 20.31 mn wireless subscribers in March

28 Apr

India has added 20.31 mn new wireless subscribers in March, pushing the overall wireless subscriber base to 584.32 mn.


Vodafone added the maximum number of new subscribers- 3.6 mn in March. Airtel shares the second spot with RCom as both the carriers added 3 mn new loyalists. BSNL and Tata Teleservices jointly share the third position by adding 2.7 mn new subscribers on their networks.




      March additions

Wireless subscriber base


       (in millions)

         (in millions)

























     Tata Teleservices










Source: TRAI

Toll-free calls to your operators might not be free in future!

2 Mar

A few telecom operators have sent a proposal to TRAI, wishing to charge for the calls made by customers, which are not complaints. That means if you make a call on a toll-free number to get other details and not to file a complaint, then your call might not be free.


Seeking information by calling customer care centres of various operators for details of international calling cards, internet connections, GPRS services, news alerts, astro alerts, stock alerts and other such details of VAS (Value Added Services) will be charged. The proposal also demands for a common toll-free number for all service providers.


But why are the telecom operators acting so scrooge lately? By offering cut-throat tariffs, the margins of the companies have suffered immensely. It is virtually impossible for come carriers to sustain the current tariffs and as a result, they strongly feel the need to levy charges in any way possible.

Source: Business Standard

Indian mobile users set to file complaints online against carriers

24 Jan

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) is planning to set-up an online customer redressal mechanism. The web-based system will allow users to file their complaints, violations or grievances against their service providers. The filed complaint would then be sent to the concerned operator and action would be taken immediately. Trai would also keep a check on whether the grievances are addressed or not.

he regulator intends to begin the set-up process by next month after a few consultations with the stakeholders and the platform is expected to become available to users for complaints redressal from April 1, 2010.

Source : Economic Times

Indian consumer to pay just Rs 19 to change their carrier under mobile number portability regime

23 Nov

TRAI has confirmed that mobile users would be able to shift service providers through MNP from December 31, 2009 by paying a service fee of Rs 19 only. Mobile Number portability (MNP) allows subscribers to retain their current mobile numbers while shifting to a new operator.


Subscribers in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh will be allowed MNP from December 31, 2009. Subscribers in the rest of India will be able to avail this facility from March 2010. 

According to TRAI, this facility of retention of the existing mobile number despite choosing a new carrier will trigger more competition among the various service providers. Also, it will act as a catalyst to encourage operators to enhance their services.

India crosses 400 million wireless subscribers even as April additions take a nose-dive

1 Jun

India now has over 400 million wireless subscribers, according to figures released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. The regulatory body has reported the addition of 11.90 million new subscribers in April, which is a sharp decline from the 15.64 million reported in March. The industry has grown by almost 50 percent in the last one year and the teledensity has almost touched the 38 percent mark.

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