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Micromax launches Pike, a Corby-like phone for Rs 5,499

11 Oct

Micromax has launched its latest social networking handset, Pike, a dual-SIM touchscreen phone for just Rs 5,499. The form factor and the colourful backpanels of the Pike are a bit nostalgic and remind us of the famous Samsung Corby which created a stir in the market for being an affordable touchscreen social networking handset. 

The Micromax Pike has a 2.8-inch touchscreen display with two keys at the bottom, a 2.0 MP camera at the back, a 3.5 mm audio jack, FM radio, GPRS, Bluetooth and comes pre-loaded with a few social networking apps like Snaptu, Facebook, Nimbuzz and Opera Mini browser.

British engineers convert cheap phones into touchscreen phones

11 Oct

Engineers from Cambridge-based Input Dynamics have developed a software that can turn a non-touchscreen phone into a touchscreen phone by simply installing an application, BBC reports. Users will be able to tap any part of the display and the software will hear the tap sound and calculate where that sound came from.

The company claims that the software, which it calls TouchDevice, can determine the location of the tap accurately up to one square centimetre, which is roughly the same size as the icons we see on our phone’s screen. If it really works, users would soon be able to get a touchscreen like interface without having to buy an expensive phone.

And then there’s more to it. Since their technology is dependent on sound, not just the display but virtually any surface of the phone can be used to trigger actions. Input Dynamics claims it is already in talks with Tier One handset manufacturers to explore how its technology could be implemented on their phones.

SOURCE: Input Dynamics VIA: BBC

Nokia N9 (or N8-01) gets sized up on video

1 Jul

Another day and we have another unit of Nokia’s unannounced N9 posing in front of the camera. While there is still some confusion about what this device will be called (the N9 or the N8-01) but on the basis of whatever we have seen so far, we can confirm that this is a legit device and that Nokia, for a change, has managed to come up with some slick, desirable hardware.

Today’s video confirms the specs – 8.0 MP camera, a 640×360 pixel display, HDMI out and the usual specs expected from a high-end smartphone. But what you need to check out is how thin this device actually is! Even with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard (which by the way looks very usable), the N9 (or the N8-01) seems to be almost as thick (or probably slightly thinner) than the iPhone 3GS! The display is bigger than the iPhone’s 3.5 inches but smaller than the HTC Evo 4G’s 4.3 inches, which means that this Nokia device has either a 3.7 inch or a 4.0 inch display. Check out the video below and let us know what you think…

Nokia N9 from Techno Buffalo on Vimeo.

RIP: First Else Phone

30 Jun

It took our breaths away at MWC this year and now it is nothing but a cool concept that never took off. Else Mobile’s First Else phone has now been laid to rest as the company failed to secure any carrier partnerships to launch the phone.

A press release from its group company, Emblaze, announced the demise of the intuitive phone:

Due to critical delays in deliveries and the current status of the project, the board has now decided to cease any further investment towards manufacturing of the First ELSE mobile device and to concentrate efforts only on licensing the ELSE Intuition platform and technology in order to realize its potential upside.

I’m not surprised by the way things have unfolded for First Else, considering the juggernaut of Android phones that have the backing of not only their manufacturers but even Google. The best opportunity the First Else phone would have had was to try and implement its ‘Intuition’ user interface on a low-cost touchscreen phone that would excite the first-time touchscreen phone users. Well, these guys should certainly start talking to one of our homegrown handset brands, who could be interested in the UI.

In the meanwhile, jog down the memory lane and see the First Else in action from our MWC coverage…

BlackBerry 9800 shows up in a photo shoot, promises to get officially recognised soon

25 Jun

Engadget has scored a handful of live shots of what seems to be pretty final prototype of the BlackBerry 9800, enroute to At&T. As expected, the 9800 is a portrait slider phone with a full touchscreen that slides upwards to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. It is running BlackBerry OS 6.0 and seems to be the size of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 albeit a bit thicker due to the slider form-factor. Hopefully, Research In Motion (RIM) has learnt its lessons with the Storm and the Storm 2 and will give the clickable touchscreen a miss in the 9800. We are not sure when RIM would announce it but judging from the pictures, the device does look ready for some prime time action. Bring it on, we say!

Source: Engadget

LG bakes two new cookies, flavours them Cookie Fresh and Cookie Plus

22 Jun

LG has launched two new phones in its Cookie range, the Cookie Fresh (GS290) and the Cookie Plus (GS500v). These two cookies, like the original Cookie (KP500) and the Cookie Pep (GD510), are full touchscreen social networking phones with one touch access to popular social networks like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter.

The LG Cookie Fresh has a 3.0 inch display, 2.0 MP camera with 2X digital zoom and video recording, Bluetooth, 28 MB of internal memory (can be upgraded to 16GB with a microSD card), FM radio, MP3 player and will provide 10 hours of talktime. The handset is priced at Rs 6,199.

The LG Cookie Plus is 3G enabled and runs on LG’s S-class UI. It sports a 3.0 inch WVGA touchscreen display, 3.0 MP camera with video recording, 3.5 mm audio jack, FM radio, MP3 player, 30 MB of internal memory expandable up to 8 GB with a microSD card and will offer 10 hours of talktime. The phone also features motion sensing gaming. With the editable screenshot feature, users can draw and write on screen shots and photos before sharing them with their buddies. The LG Cookie Plus is available for Rs 7,999.

Leaked Nokia C7 looks familiar, doesn't it?

12 Jun

Yup, there is much more to Nokia’s C-series of devices than just some low-cost yuppie-friendly phones. Take for instance, this unannounced C7 that reportedly has a 3.5 inch touchscreen, an 8.0 MP camera, stereo speakers and the works. It will run on Symbian^3 which would also mean multi-touch support.

Now we really cannot get our head around the fact that its specs scream that it could be a stripped down N8 but still the guy who snapped these pic claims it as the C7. Heck, it sounds like the N7 to us, but then stranger things have happened.

BTW, is it just us or the curvy edges does remind of Samsung’s Corby series of phones?

Source: Daily Mobile