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Nokia E72 gets a firmware update, better browser

2 Sep

It might have seemed to some like a blast from a Symbian S60 past when it was released last year, but we must admit to having been very impressed by the Nokia E72 as a rock solid enterprise device. And Nokia clearly thinks the same, judging by the rate at which updates are being served up on to it to keep it not just bug-free but also up to speed with the latest developments. We have just got news that a firmware update has been released for the device. On the list of improvements apart from the usual bug fixes are a new version of the much-maligned Symbian browser,  and improvements to the built-in music player. Other apps that get updates are the Lotus Notes Traveller, the Ovi Store (yet again), the Microsoft Office Communicator, Nokia Messaging for Instant Messaging and an updated menu layout. All of this in a 9005 KB download, which can be done directly from your handset (no need to mess around with a PC). We are downloading and will let you know what we think of the improvements, but on paper, this looks dandy.

Opera shows some love to Symbian, releases Opera Mobile 10.1 beta

15 Jul

Opera Software ASA LogoAfter a long long time, Opera has released a version of its full mobile Internet browser for Symbian S60 phones. Off late, Opera had been focussing only on Opera Mini for Symbian (among other smartphone and non-smartphone operating systems). Apart from regular features of tabbed browsing and Opera’s Presto rendering engine, Opera Mobile 10.1 beta also features geo-location support that will enable online maps and apps to determine your location automatically. For the record, this is a beta version and is likely to have minor bugs. It supports both S60 third edition and fifth edition devices (non-touch and touch). You can download the browser directly from your phone by going to m.opera.com/next.

Nokia, your time starts now!

3 Jul

It is probably for the first time, ever, that Nokia has agreed it is the underdog in the smartphone space and it comes from none other than Anssi Vanjoki, who now heads the Finnish handset giant’s ‘Mobile Solutions’ business that is essentially tasked with bringing hi-end smartphones (and probably Internet tablets).

I am committed, perhaps even obsessed, with getting Nokia back to being number one in high-end devices. Achieving this will require performance and efforts over and above the norm,” he wrote in a blog post.

Vanjoki also clarified that Nokia would bank upon Symbian and MeeGo for its smartphone portfolio. However, the upcoming N8 will be Nokia’s last smartphone running on Symbian^3 OS but he added that there is a “very strong possibility” of seeing a Symbian^4 N-series device. This does not bode well for the N8.

Having said that, it is reassuring to see the biggest player in the business admitting its weakness and promising it will do more to address it. Now all that we ask Vanjoki and Nokia to do is to put these words into action. We certainly won’t mind some competition in the smartphone space, which is currently dominated by Apple and Google.

Nokia N9 gets handled on video, Nokia set to abandon its weird QWERTY keyboard

29 Jun

Nokia’s next (and probably the last N-series) Symbian smartphone has received a detailed hands-on treatment on camera. Yes, it has a Nokia N97-like slide and tilt display (albeit it seems to be a bit larger), an 8.0 MP camera, an HDMI out, multi-touch and all that you can expect from a high-end smartphone.

However, what really caught our attention was the flat QWERTY keypad with the spacebar key at its proper location rather than tucked away near the right corner that made users hit the ‘m’ key instead. Unfortunately, the N9 (that’s the popular opinion for its name) is still running on Symbian S60 fifth edition, which is something that even Nokia would not be proud about.

On a personal note, I believe that most of Nokia’s recent smartphones (barring the N900) had some of the best hardware that were let down by a buggy operating system and a dated user interface. Hopefully, the N9 will bring some glory to a dying/dead (take your pick) operating system and pave the way for some high-end MeeGo smartphones.

Nokia N9 from Negri Electronics on Vimeo.