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Skyfire for iOS now available globally

24 Dec

The only web browser that can play Flash videos on iOS is now available globally. Skyfire today announced that Skyfire browser for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is now available in all the 90 countries where Apple’s itunes App Store is available. In a blog post, Skyfire mentions that its recently launched Skyfire browser for iPhone was downloaded more than 300,000 times and had earlier reported that the app was “sold out” within five hours of its debut on the App Store. Since then, the company had started rolling out the app on a country-by-country basis. Unlike other browsers, Skyfire’s servers compress and encode Flash videos into a format that iOS allows.

It is a tough decision for any company to limit the distribution of a product that is selling better than hot cakes on a freezing winter day but we should applaud Skyfire’s effort for being able to ramp up its servers and have a global roll-out in less than two months after its launch. Yesterday, the company launched the browser for iPad in the US and today even that version is available globally.

Skyfire for iPhone/iPod touch is priced at $2.99 while that for the iPad is available for $4.99. Pricey? Certainly. Worth it? Absolutely!

SOURCE: Skyfire Blog

Skyfire to retire WinMo, Symbian versions on December 31

16 Nov

Skyfire’s CEO, Jeff Glueck, has just announced that the company will stop supporting its browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems after December 31. Skyfire has not updated the browser for these two platforms in a while and it is still just a ‘proxy’ browser that just delivers a compressed mobile friendly version of a web page. The current Skyfire browser for iOS and Android is much smarter and is now a full fledged browser that can play videos, is HTML5 compliant, does Javascript and so on…

The news comes after Skyfire had an overwhelming iOS launch, where it ‘sold out’ the browser app priced at $2.99 in five hours flat. Currently, Skyfire is rationing the app, if there is any such thing, with a phased country-by-country launch. We believe that this could be a big reason for phasing out the older ‘Skyfire 1.0’ browser.

Apart from Android and iOS, Skyfire is now looking at MeeGo, BlackBerry 6.0 and Windows Phone 7 operating systems on which it would launch the new, fully featured ‘Skyfire 2.0’ browser.

All is not lost for Symbian and Windows Mobile device users. They can always go for Opera Mini browser which does the same thing as ‘Skyfire 1.0’ and is available across platforms and devices.

SOURCE: Skyfire Blog

Skyfire browser for iPhone hits the App Store, priced at $2.99

4 Nov

skyfire-iPhone The wait to view Flash videos and ads on websites on the iPhone seems to be over. Skyfire web browser has finally hit the App Store. The app also promises to share links via Facebook and Twitter right from the browser.


But here’s the deal, Skyfire for iPhone costs $2.99 and that is a “Special Early Adopter Price.” Not sure what this app will be priced when the ‘early adopter’ period expires. Anyway, we will be reviewing the app soon, provided iTunes restarts accepting our credit card.

Skyfire 1.X will no longer be supported outside of North America and Western Europe

30 Jun

Skyfire, an alternative mobile web browser, today announced that it won’t be supporting its Symbian and Windows Mobile versions (Skyfire Version 1.X) outside of North America and Western Europe, citing low ad revenues in those countries that don’t cover the cost of operating. Skyfire’s original version was a proxy architecture, much like Opera Mini, where pages are downsized and rendered at a back-end server before they are pushed to the device.

In February, Skyfire acquired ‘kolbysoft’, a company that had created a webkit-based browser for Android called Steel, which changed Skyfire’s product offering. Instead of remaining just a proxy-based service, Skyfire evolved into a complete webkit browser that also had cloud-based services. The company then released the Skyfire browser for Android that could also play Flash videos, which has been downloaded over 600,000 times.

Skyfire’s CEO, Jeff Glueck, today announced that the company is now totally committed on Skyfire 2.0 and will soon submit an iPhone version for review. The company is also working with OEMs and handset vendors to have Skyfire pre-installed on their devices. Skyfire will also come to Symbian and Windows Mobile soon.

After Opera's success, Skyfire hints at browser for iPhone, promises video support

13 Apr

After Opera’s successful inclusion in Apple’s App Store, rival mobile browser maker Skyfire said in a blog post that the company would accelerate the development of its browser for iDevices (iPhone, iPod touch and probably even the iPad). While the company won’t give any dates or timelines, it promises that whenever it hits the App Store, it will support rich media and video playback. Just one word of friendly advice – stay away from Flash, fellas, El Jobso doesn’t get amused by it.