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Skyfire to retire WinMo, Symbian versions on December 31

16 Nov

Skyfire’s CEO, Jeff Glueck, has just announced that the company will stop supporting its browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems after December 31. Skyfire has not updated the browser for these two platforms in a while and it is still just a ‘proxy’ browser that just delivers a compressed mobile friendly version of a web page. The current Skyfire browser for iOS and Android is much smarter and is now a full fledged browser that can play videos, is HTML5 compliant, does Javascript and so on…

The news comes after Skyfire had an overwhelming iOS launch, where it ‘sold out’ the browser app priced at $2.99 in five hours flat. Currently, Skyfire is rationing the app, if there is any such thing, with a phased country-by-country launch. We believe that this could be a big reason for phasing out the older ‘Skyfire 1.0’ browser.

Apart from Android and iOS, Skyfire is now looking at MeeGo, BlackBerry 6.0 and Windows Phone 7 operating systems on which it would launch the new, fully featured ‘Skyfire 2.0’ browser.

All is not lost for Symbian and Windows Mobile device users. They can always go for Opera Mini browser which does the same thing as ‘Skyfire 1.0’ and is available across platforms and devices.

SOURCE: Skyfire Blog