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World Cup app fever: zombies and animals boot it!

18 Jun

As the football World Cup goes into overdrive, app developers are getting really – and we mean REALLY- creative with their appy interpretations of the Beautiful Game, going well beyond routine footy kick me arounds and news updates. Two of the latest games that have descended on the App Store have got football themes with thorough twists. While Animal Soccer World: Jungle Cup Party sees elephants and lions literally having a ball in the jungle, courtesy a football that washed up on their shores, Pro Zombie Soccer (see the screenshot) lets gamers step into the shoes of a talented football player and take on an army of the undead by kicking – you guessed it – footballs at them. Both games come for $ 0.99 in the App Store.

Of course, followers of “pure football games” like the FIFA and Pro Evo series ¬†will scoff at such titles, but those users who want to get a flavour of football without getting too involved in the sport might just love them. Pro Zombie Soccer in particular struck us as being a whole lot of fun with its comic-based graphics, while Animal Soccer World seemed to be targeted more at the cutesy, kiddy crowd. What both titles prove is that when it comes to the App Store, there is clearly more to football than, well, football.