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Flick Kick now gets into football mode

14 Jun

It continues to rain football games in the App Store. Just a day after Pro Evo Soccer made its debut on the iPhone, PikPok, the folks who have brought out Flick Kick Fielf Goal and Flick Kick Rugby, have released Flick Kick Football, a game revolving around free-kicks and dead ball situations in football. The purpose of the game is to score goals off free-kicks, using a flick of your finger to not just give power and direction to the football, but even curve it around walls. There is an arcade mode, a time attack mode and the option to share your scores online. All in a distinctly 1970s presentation style that will bring tears to the eyes of the sentimentally-inclined.

It is simple, incredibly addictive and well-worth the $0.99 being charged for it. We have been playing it for hours now and we still cannot get over how much fun it is to curve a ball around a wall, rather than just try to blast it over or around it as in other footy games. Worth a download for all those who just want the simple adrenaline rush of taking a shot at goal.