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Now, Peek gets a locator service

6 Apr

No, we are not turning into Peek evangelists (are those called “Peekers”? Hmm…), but we must confess to being impressed by the flurry of services being released for this only e-mail device. Just a few days ago, we were talking about the ability to access cricket scores and Twitter updates on the device, now comes real-time tracking, which lets you tell people where you are, discover where you left the device when you cannot find it, and if you have other people who have Peeks (say, your coworkers), check up where they are, among other things. You can even slap your location as a widget on a blog.

No, it is not going to be as accurate as real GPS, as the Peek does not have GPS built into it, but it is still pretty handy, and of course, consumes lesser battery. Best of all, it is free. You just need to sign up for it at http://www.peekmaps.com/. Hmm…perhaps those who called the Peek a one-trick pony need to do a bit of rethinking.

Got a Peek? Now, for info, just askPeek!

4 Apr

There are those who scorn it for being able to handle only e-mail and nothing else, but the folks at Peek are not letting that stop them. Barely a month after having being launched in India on Aircel, the e-mail-only device has now unveiled its askPeek services.  This is a free email information service that works with the Peek, allowing users to get unlimited access to Cricket scores, Local directory search, Twitter updates, Weather and Astrology. All you need to do to get an update is send a mail from your Peek. For instance, to get the latest cricket scores, simply send an email to cricket@askpeek.in and you will get  cricket scores of all ongoing IPL and international matches on your handy little handget.

Speaking of the service, Siddharth Mangharam, CEO, Peek India, told us, ” We’re constantly innovating for the Indian market. My perspective is that there are several devices in the market, but all with pretty lousy software and UI. Peek is breaking that barrier. I cannot think of any other device that offers you free (unlimited) cricket scores,weather, twitter updates, astrology etc. in the market today.”

The one we really like is the Local Search which lets you dig out restaurants, shops, malls and get complete addresses with phone numbers, by sending an email to local@askpeek.in with the name of a topic or local business and city in the subject field. For instance, send ‘Chinese restaurant Delhi’ to get a list of Chinese restaurants in the Indian capital. Very handy indeed. As for getting Twitter updates, well, send an email to twitter@askpeek.in with ‘twitter peeksimplyemail’ in the subject field. Weather forecasts are available by sending city and state in the subject field to weather@askpeek.in, while for astrology, you need to drop a line to astrology@askpeek.in. Wikipedia information can be grabbed by sending an email to ask@snapask.com with Wiki and the name of the person/topic/article in the subject field.

Yes, yes, we know that smartphone pundits will point out that they can get all this on their handsets without having to send out any mails, but for Peek only users, this is a heck of a value add. And it does make the device so much more tempting for those who like to keep their phones and mails apart!

Aircel launches a devoted mailing device ‘Peek’ on its network!

12 Mar

Aircel has introduced Peek, a dedicated e-mail device, which allows users to access their mails on the go without having to go for an expensive smartphone. With a 2.5 inch display, a QWERTY keypad and support for push mail and Microsoft Exchange, the Peek promises to be the most inexpensive device in the market to offer such features. We were almost dumbstruck as soon as we were told that it is available for just Rs 2,999.


The Peek supports Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! accounts and also POP3 or IMAP protocols. The former protocol lets you download mails using clients like Outlook Express and Eudora, so that you can read, modify or work on your mails later on even when you’re offline. The latter one allows users to work on their mails in both online and offline modes. Users can also view Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF or any other image files on Peek.


Plans for unlimited mail access-

For Aircel pre-paid users: A voucher of Rs 897 will provide unlimited e-mail service for 90 days and after this period, a user can recharge with Rs 299 to get a validity of 30 days.


For Aircel post-paid users: At a rental of Rs 897, a user will get unlimited e-mail service for three months and afterwards monthly rental of Rs 299 rental will be applicable.