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Trill: A solid app for S60 text Tweeters!

4 Aug

One of the biggest complaints we have had about the Symbian S60 platform is the fact that barring the excellent Gravity (which, alas, comes for a rather high price, as far as apps go), good Twitter apps are rather hard to come by. This absence of Twitteralia becomes all the more conspicuous when one considers all the free Twitter apps that abound in the Android Market, the Apple App Store and even the BlackBerry App World. So you can imagine our delight when we heard that the good folk at Spice Labs had put a new Twitter client, called Trill, on the Ovi Store, which would run on Symbian Series 60 (3rd edition) devices, and hallelujah, would cost not a penny.

Of course, we went right ahead and downloaded it on our trusty Nokia E72 (turning a deaf ear to cries of “you are still using that phone” from the resident iPhone/Android squad) and well, while we were not exactly blown away by what we saw, it was a very handy app indeed. At 0.79 MB, it is not the heaviest download, although registering your Twitter account is mildly inconvenient – you launch the app, which launches the browser, where you enter your password and username, and then the browser closes and dumps you back into the app, which then starts loading your Tweets. The app itself is a decent, solid Twitter app if all one is looking for is the option to read and make some tweets and also check on one’s followers. You do not get options like the ability to shorten a URL or upload a picture, but if it is just text you are after and the option to open links mentioned in tweets, this will more than do. It is stable, quick, shows profile details, and allows you to search for other tweets and tweeters apart from doing basic stuff like making tweets, answering tweets and retweeting.

No, we do not think Trill is the answer to our prayers for a powerful Twitter client for S60, but it is more than a welcome addition to the rather thin Twitter offerings at the Ovi Store.

Mobile World Congress 2010: Preview

13 Feb

Here I am waiting at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport, enroute to Barcelona for yet another edition of Mobile World Congress (MWC), For those who haven’t heard about the event (I’m surprised you are reading this), MWC is the world’s largest telecom show where every brand in the industry unveils their offerings for the rest of the year. It is THE event, where trends are set and old benchmarks are bettered. So what can we expect from this year’s MWC?

Nokia: There have been some murmurings that Nokia might not introduce any ‘flagship’ device at its February 15 press event. We believe that Nokia would focus more on services — Nokia Money, Life Tools, Ovi — and probably even introduce some basic phones aimed at emerging markets. This fits well with the ‘Connecting People’ theme that Nokia has chosen for its two-day parallel event. But stranger things have happened in the past — the N86 did not figure in last year’s announcement, but a press release for it ‘somehow’ found its way in the press kit — and we wouldn’t be surprised if Nokia does announce a high-end phone or two.

Samsung: This is one handset vendor that will be making headlines at the show. Samsung will, for the first time, showcase devices running on its Bada platform that it had announced late last year.

Microsoft: With Steve Ballmer confirmed to present at Microsoft’s press conference on Monday, it is logical to assume that it will be a significant announcement. And knowing Microsoft, that would translate into WinMo 7.0 and probably some music and cloud-based services.

Sony Ericsson: The troubled handset vendor is organising a press conference tomorrow. I’m really keen to see what they have in store, considering that their first Android phone — the XPERIA X10 — is not available in most markets, yet. Earlier leaks have indicated a Symbian-based smartphone as well as a mini-version of the X10.

HTC: That’s a no-brainer. We have already seen a few leaked WinMo and Android smartphones and usually HTC roadmap leaks have proved to be pretty accurate in the past.

INQ Mobile: The winner of last year’s best handset award will be showcasing its first Android-based social networking phone.

There’s so much more that I want to write but here comes the announcement for my flight. We will be Tweeting live from most press conferences so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @cellpassion.

Nokia introduces 6303i classic, new version of 6303 classic

4 Feb

Nokia has announced a new version of 6303 classic. The newbie 6303i Classic has nothing new on the physical front. We mean, the camera, the weight, the dimensions are all the same.


But on a close reading of specs, we found that the new version has got slight changes on the specs front. The talktime has been increased by an hour; the in-built memory is upgraded to 55 MB from 17 MB. Also, in case of new version, the memory is expandable up-to 8GB instead of 4GB in the former one. It has got Ovi maps 2.0 pre-embedded while the former one did not. And there has been addition of two more colour schemes in 6303i Classic – white/silver and khaki/gold.


The Nokia 6303i classic will be available in the selected markets sometime around Q1 this year.

Nokia's free navigation service surpasses 1.4 million downloads in 10 days

3 Feb

On January 21, Nokia officially announced that the new version of its Ovi maps would be downloadable free of cost and till 31 January, there have been 1.4 million downloads of this free navigation service. At the moment, Nokia is getting one download request every second!

At present, 10 Nokia smartphones are compatible with this service while the to-be launched GPS-enabled devices will have Ovi maps pre-embedded.


Looking at the current stats, indicating more-than-a-million downloads, its certain Nokia has taken a sigh of relief as for now. But we still think it would have been better had Nokia had offered free navigation since day one (the company charged users by making them purchase a licence if they wanted to use turn-by-turn navigation).



Breaking: Nokia to launch StreetView-like navigation in India

21 Jan

Here at the Nokia Ovi Maps event in India, Jasmeet Gandhi, head, Nokia Services, has confirmed that Nokia is planning to bring Google StreetView like navigation in India. When that will happen, we do not know, but we certainly are looking forward to it.

Nokia announces free turn-by-turn navigation

21 Jan

Even as we wait for Nokia to make its ‘big announcement’, we have received a press release informing us that Nokia will now provide free turn-by-turn navigation to its smartphones. Currently, the free navigation is available on 10 smartphones and all new GPS-enabled phones launched March onwards would have the free service pre-installed. The 10 devices that currently support it are – Nokia X6, Nokia N97 mini, E72, E55, E52, Nokia 6730 classic, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic, Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition, Nokia 5230. Surprisingly, there is no mention of Nokia’s flagship phone of 2009 – the N97. Stay tuned for more.

Those of you who have those 10 devices can go here to download the free update.

Nokia makes walk and drive navigation free on its smartphones, doubling size of mobile navigation market

Espoo, Finland – Nokia has today announced plans to release a new version of Ovi Maps for its smartphones that includes high-end walk and drive navigation at no extra cost, available for download at www.nokia.com/maps. This move has the potential to nearly double the size of the current mobile navigation market. The new version of Ovi Maps includes high-end car and pedestrian navigation features, such as turn-by-turn voice guidance for 74 countries, in 46 languages, and traffic information for more than 10 countries, as well as detailed maps for more than 180 countries.
“Why have multiple devices that work that work in only one country or region? Put it all together, make it free, make it global and you almost double the potential size of the mobile navigation market ,” explained Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President, Nokia. “Nokia is the only company with a mobile navigation service for both drivers and pedestrians that works across the world. Unlike the legacy car navigation manufacturers, we don’t make you buy maps for different countries or regions even if you’re only visiting for a few days. We offer both navigation and maps free of charge, with all the high-end functionality and features that people now expect.”
“The large-scale availability of free-of-charge mobile phone navigation offerings using high-quality map data will be a game changer for the navigation industry,” said Thilo Koslowski, Vice President Automotive and Vehicle ICT at Gartner. “Such offerings will accelerate mass market adoption for navigation solutions and shift innovation focus to location-based services that go beyond traditional routing benefits.”
For Nokia, removing the costs associated with navigation for drivers and pedestrians allows the company to quickly activate a massive user base to which it can offer new location features, content and services. This is part of Nokia’s strategy to lead the market in mobile maps, navigation and location-based services. The move is also in line with Nokia’s vision that the next wave of growth will be centered on the location-aware, social internet — as the ‘where’ people are doing things becomes as important as the ‘what’ they are doing. 
According to research firm Canalys, the number of people worldwide using GPS navigation on their mobile phones was approximately 27 million at the end of 2009. With this announcement Nokia potentially grows the size of this installed user base to about 50 million by enabling smartphone owners, with compatible devices and devices that will be made compatible shortly to activate free drive and walk navigation through a simple download of the new Ovi Maps. Nokia will further grow this base as it quickly adds more smartphones to the compatible devices list. Canalys also estimated in 2009 that the installed base of smartphones with integrated GPS was 163 million units worldwide, of which Nokia accounted for more than half (51%) having shipped  cumulatively  83 million GPS devices.  
“This is a game changing move. By leveraging our NAVTEQ acquisition, and our context sensitive service offering, we can now put a complete navigation system in the palm of your hand, wherever in the world you are, whenever you need it – and at no extra cost,” continued Anssi Vanjoki. “By adding cameras at no extra cost to our phones we quickly became the biggest camera manufacturer in the world. The aim of the new Ovi Maps is to enable us to do the same for navigation.”
By removing the added costs for consumers Nokia expects to fuel the take-up of mobile maps and navigation providing its ecosystem of partners with clear business opportunities:
– For operators:
Nokia believes it will enable them to offer their customers a complete car and personal navigation package as well as encourage the take-up of data plans. An additional benefit for operators is that Ovi Maps uses a unique hybrid technology that is optimized for use on a mobile network. By using advanced vector graphics, plus an intelligent combination of pre-loaded and online maps, the new version of Ovi Maps uses a fraction of the bandwidth of the bulky bitmap technology used by most mobile map providers.
– For 3rd party application developers:
Making navigation on a mobile as familiar as sending a text or taking a picture presents a huge opportunity as the customer base for additional location-based applications expands. Via the Ovi for Developers Beta Program, Nokia has given selected developers and publishers a preview of the Ovi APIs and SDK – Beta (software development kit) which will allow them to build such applications. These will then be made available through Ovi Store by Nokia.
Ovi Maps is immediately available for download for 10 Nokia handsets, including the popular Nokia N97 mini, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and Nokia E72, with more Nokia smartphones expected to be added in the coming weeks. In the meantime, current owners of Nokia smartphones that are compatible with the new Ovi Maps can download it free of charge from www.nokia.com/maps.
From March 2010, new Nokia GPS-enabled smartphones will include the new version of Ovi Maps, pre-loaded with local country map data, with high-end walk and drive navigation and access to Lonely Planet and Michelin travel guides at no extra cost. 
Ovi Maps covers more than 180 countries with car and pedestrian navigation for 74 countries in 46 languages and 6000 3D landmarks for 200 cities around the world. Lonely Planet and Michelin guides have information on more than 1,000 destinations globally.

Nokia to make a 'big announcement' today

20 Jan

Nokia will be making a ‘big announcement’ in less than two hours from now. The announcement, which will take place in London, apparently is of global ‘importance’ as we are hearing about invites for a webcast being sent off to journalists and bloggers all over the globe. We have been invited to Nokia’s India HQ to follow the announcement and talk to Nokia India’s representatives about it.

While we don’t yet know what the announcement will be, in all probability, it has something to do with a revamped Ovi – Nokia’s services arm. Or it could even have something to do with Nokia Money, the company’s money transfer service that Nokia’s CEO Olli Pekka Kallasvuo introduced briefly at CES last month. We’ll come to know in less than two hours from now so stay tuned in. If you’d like to know what’s happening as it happens, follow us on Twitter @cellpassion, where we’d be covering it live. In the meanwhile, watch this interesting video of the Ovi Store that surfaced yesterday.