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AdMob: Mobile web traffic in India crosses 1b requests a month

7 Apr

AdMob, one of the world’s largest mobile ad networks, today announced that mobile Internet traffic from India has now crossed one billion (measured in terms of requests generated on AdMob’s platform to serve relevant ads) per month. The company started its India operations in June 2009 and has witnessed web traffic grow from 502.9 million a month to 1.2 billion in March 2010. Mind you, this figure accounts for traffic registered on AdMob’s servers and the total mobile Internet traffic from India will be much higher.

India is the second largest market for AdMob after the US and according to Mahesh Narayanan, country manager India, AdMob, “Mobile ownership and usage far outstrips ownership of PCs with Internet access in India. In the near future Mobile Internet usage is going to overtake fixed line internet usage in India.”

With offers from carriers like Aircel, Airtel and Tata DoCoMo that enable unlimited Internet for under Rs 100 a month (approximately $2), it is only a matter of months before mobile Internet skyrockets in India.

Videocon launches GSM services in Tamil Nadu

26 Mar

After becoming a handset vendor, Videocon has now become a mobile operator. The carrier has launched its GSM operations in Tamil Nadu and aims to extend its network across Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Mumbai over the next fortnight.

With the per-second billing model already popular in the market, Videocon has designed its new strategy for breaking this model by introducing ‘sub-1 paisa’ tariff model. However, the action doesn’t ends here. The company is also planning to launch services across 100 Indian cities in the upcoming 100 days with a target of capturing a customer base of 100 million within cough, three years, cough. It took years for carriers such as Airtel to capture a 100 million subscriber base and we wonder how would these guys achieve it in three years? Maybe, we are yet to witness 1 paisa-per-minute! Just a wild guess!

IPL content available on your mobile phone by dialling 08 123 123 123!

24 Mar

IPL has found a new sweetheart in mobile phones. With July System’s MIX platform, IPL content is readily available on mobile phones for free by just dialling toll free number 08 123 123 123. A link will be messaged after when you dial and you’ll be able to check out live score, ball-by-ball updates, action replays, video scorecards and cheerleader videos. The service has recorded 2,000 hours of video downloads since the opening of IPL season (in just 12 days).


Smartphone owners have the advantage of watching high quality videos but are the people who do not carry such fancy phones ignored? No, definitely not! They can watch content in slow motion and since we tried watching slow motion videos, we can say it wasn’t bad at all.


The guys at July Systems also claim that this service is just not hit among Indians, they’re also getting calls from carriers of El Salvador, Haiti requesting them to deliver IPL content on their networks.  


So what’s next on their agenda? Well, they showed a great deal of interest in ‘Shera’ (mascot for CWG 2010) and soccer (FIFA World Cup 2010). We’ll keep tuned in.

Amateur engineer develops a cellphone-based solution for detecting fake currency

29 Dec

Approximately Rs 1,69,000 crores is the estimated amount of  counterfeit currency which is unsuspectingly circulating in the Indian financial system. Neha N of Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering & Technology, Mysore designed a “cellphone based intelligent counterfeit teller” and her proposed scheme won a competition organised by Schneider Electric India.

Schneider Electric India, a global specialist in energy management, organized a unique contest called ‘Innovation Challenge’ (IC) for the undergraduate engineering minds of India to bring up innovative solutions for efficient utilisation of energy. The winning idea is an innovative solution to detect fake currency through mobile phones.

The counterfeit teller works using the UV-visible and infrared sources, low power sensor chip and the cellphone processor for detecting fake currency. Consequently, the cellphone acts as a sensor when put in the detection mode. Similar concepts of image processing, signal processing and pattern recognition are used for checking the authenticity of currency as per the RBI standards. If the device detects fake currency, the display of the cellphone screen will show a warning along with an audible warning alert.

Moreover, since the proposed scheme works on phone battery and uses low power consumption techniques for processing, it consumes approximately 45 percent lower energy when compared with the currently available stand alone counterfeit detection units which mostly work on AC supply.