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Opera launches WAC-ready widget runtime for Android

22 Dec

Opera Software, the makers of the popular Opera Mini browser for mobile, today released a widget runtime for Android that would enable developers to create widgets that will be compatible with Wireless Applications Community (WAC) 1.0 specs. WAC is a consortium of handset vendors, carriers and services companies who aim to create a universal app store for mobile platforms.

Developers can start developing widgets and begin implementing the WAC APIs by downloading the runtime from http://www.opera.com/download/get.pl?sub=++++&id=33389&location=270&nothanks=yes

Instructions can be found at: http://labs.opera.com/docs/wac/installation_instructions/ This runtime is provided for evaluation and demo purposes and is free of charge for all developers.

Opera Mini coming preinstalled on the Nokia X2!

7 Sep

The Nokia X2 to many represents the Finnish company’s bid to win back lower segment from the likes of the Corby, Cookie and new players. Running on the S40 platform with Ovi services packed into it and sporting a 5.0-megapixel camera, it seems a very decent value for money option at the official tag of Rs 5,999. However, what really piqued our interest was the fact that the phone comes with Opera Mini preinstalled on it (you can check the specs here) – a fascinating move when you considered that Nokia had itself released the Ovi Browser for its S40 platform not too long, using a data compression technology that was similar to Opera’s. Nokia is also one of the companies that has tended to back its own (pretty decent) browser on the Symbian platform (although we have heard of Opera Mini coming preinstalled on some Nokia devices such as the 3720), so for us, this marks a pretty significant move in the mobile browser wars. It also in a way attests to Opera Mini’s pre-eminence in lower-to-mid-segment devices (it comes preinstalled on most lower segment handsets from newer players like Micromax and Lava), although we do expect Nokia to compete hard there. As of now, however, we must applaud the Espoo boys for giving users an alternative in a relatively high-profile device.

Opera shows some love to Symbian, releases Opera Mobile 10.1 beta

15 Jul

Opera Software ASA LogoAfter a long long time, Opera has released a version of its full mobile Internet browser for Symbian S60 phones. Off late, Opera had been focussing only on Opera Mini for Symbian (among other smartphone and non-smartphone operating systems). Apart from regular features of tabbed browsing and Opera’s Presto rendering engine, Opera Mobile 10.1 beta also features geo-location support that will enable online maps and apps to determine your location automatically. For the record, this is a beta version and is likely to have minor bugs. It supports both S60 third edition and fifth edition devices (non-touch and touch). You can download the browser directly from your phone by going to m.opera.com/next.

Opera Mini 5 gets an update, new version suitable for feature phones with low-memory and small display

8 Jul

Opera, the famous Norwegian browser maker has launched Opera Mini 5.1, the latest update to its Opera Mini 5 browser. The former edition is quite a hit among the high-end smartphones but the browser ain’t that efficient on low-memory feature phones as web pages are often required to be re-loaded time and again. With the Opera Mini 5.1, users will not face out-of-memory issues and the regular practice of web page reloading will stop occurring. Opera has omitted graphics and icons from the browser which will now enable users to open multiple web pages at a time. Users can also scroll much more rapidly through the web pages and the overall browsing performance will be noticeably improved.

High-end smartphones do not require this updated version but feature phones with limited onboard memory such as Nokia S40, Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, Nokia 6300, Nokia 2700 and small display such as Sony Ericsson K550i and Sony Ericsson W810i desperately need one.

Go to m.opera.com from your phone’s default browser to download the Opera Mini 5. 

When do you browse the Internet on your phone?

30 Jun

Opera, the Norwegian browser maker, has analysed the time-trend of mobile web usage around the world in its latest State of the Web report. The browser vendor has studied at length the Opera Mini usage during the course of the day in the top 10 countries – Indonesia, Russia, India, China, Nigeria, Ukraine, South Africa, the United States, Vietnam and the United Kingdom. The results have indicated that in each of these countries, the highest usage of the Opera Mini browser is recorded at the tail-end of the day – from 8 PM to midnight.

The United Kingdom thrives on mobile web early in the morning…: Compared to the users in other top 10 countries, users in the UK appear just as likely to be browsing with Opera Mini between 8 AM and noon.

…while America indulges over-night: Compared to users in the other top 10 countries, users in the United States are more likely to be browsing with Opera Mini between midnight and 4 AM.

India browses more during the afternoon hours: Compared to users in the other top 10 countries, users in India are more likely to be browsing with Opera Mini between noon and 4 PM.

In general, evening browsing (between 4 PM and midnight) is more common than daytime browsing (between 8 AM and 4 PM) in every country, except for China and the UK where daytime and evening usage is about even.

Skyfire 1.X will no longer be supported outside of North America and Western Europe

30 Jun

Skyfire, an alternative mobile web browser, today announced that it won’t be supporting its Symbian and Windows Mobile versions (Skyfire Version 1.X) outside of North America and Western Europe, citing low ad revenues in those countries that don’t cover the cost of operating. Skyfire’s original version was a proxy architecture, much like Opera Mini, where pages are downsized and rendered at a back-end server before they are pushed to the device.

In February, Skyfire acquired ‘kolbysoft’, a company that had created a webkit-based browser for Android called Steel, which changed Skyfire’s product offering. Instead of remaining just a proxy-based service, Skyfire evolved into a complete webkit browser that also had cloud-based services. The company then released the Skyfire browser for Android that could also play Flash videos, which has been downloaded over 600,000 times.

Skyfire’s CEO, Jeff Glueck, today announced that the company is now totally committed on Skyfire 2.0 and will soon submit an iPhone version for review. The company is also working with OEMs and handset vendors to have Skyfire pre-installed on their devices. Skyfire will also come to Symbian and Windows Mobile soon.

Opera Mobile 10 comes to Nokia N900 and Maemo

12 May

The world’s favourite mobile Internet browser is now available for the Nokia N900 and Maemo platform. Opera has announced an unofficial release of Opera Mobile 10 for Maemo, which is the first time in over three years after Nokia replaced Opera for their own browser in 2008.

Users of Nokia N800/N810 and N900 can download Opera Mobile 10 by pointing their device’s browser to this location. Mind you, this is not an official release and there might not be an official release ever. In other words, this release is bug ridden and there are a host of known issues which you can find here.

iPhone is the third-most popular device for Opera Mini

29 Apr

Opera Mini for iPhone had a stellar release earlier this month with one million downloads worldwide on the first day of its availability. And in just a fortnight’s time, the iPhone became the third most popular handset for Opera Mini usage worldwide, according to Opera’s State of the Mobile Web Report. In US, the iPhone surpassed BlackBerry which was earlier the number one device on which Opera Mini browser was used the most. However, these are the opening numbers since the Mini browser on the iPhone is not even a month old, the detailed figures will be published next month in the April report. For now, take a look at the other details of the report.

Other details from the March report: In March 55.2 million users around the world used the Mini browser which is a significant increase for a month’s time considering that the worldwide users of the Opera Mini browser in February were 50.5 million. In India, Nokia is still the reigning champion with its same old list of top 10 handsets (except for 3500 classic which is now replaced by 6700 classic) on which the Opera browser is used the most. 

Opera Mini downloaded on over a million iPhones in a single day!

15 Apr

After a month of “will they, won’t they” wait for Opera Mini to be deemed fit to get accepted into Apple’s App Store, the initial verdict is out. Users have given a thumbs up to the first real alternative browser on the iPhone with over a million downloads registered on the first day itself. Though the app ain’t perfect yet, we were pretty impressed and are not surprised to see that it has topped the download charts in 22 country-specific App Stores across the globe. While the folks at Opera’s HQ in Oslo are probably hard at work to bring out an update, we would be interested to see how many users stick to Opera Mini as a huge chunk of these million users would have downloaded it out of curiosity after all the controversy generated when Opera submitted the app in March.

Opera Mini on iPhone, our verdict

13 Apr

It has been less than 24 hours since Opera Mini started showing up on App Store all over the world and it is already the most popular free app in most countries. While Opera Software ASA, the company behind the app, doesn’t have any figures to share at the moment, we won’t be surprised if Opera Mini eventually beats Facebook as the most popular all-time free app.

We have been putting the browser through its paces today and here’s what we think about it.

It’s Zippy: Browsing on Opera Mini feels like browsing the Internet on a 3.5G connection while we were actually on an EDGE network. It’s simply fast. And that’s exactly how we expected it to work – after all pages are compressed by 90 per cent before they are served to your phone.

Lovely UI: We have been using Opera Mini Beta on Android and we some how get a feeling that the iPhone version performs better. Or it could just be the iPhone 3GS’ zippy processing power against the HTC Hero’s that could explain it. Nevertheless, tabbed browsing is simple (see screenshot on left) and browsing on an EDGE network hasn’t been this fun (half the credit goes to the iPhone, mind you).

Money Saver: The best part about using Opera Mini over the default Safari browser is that since pages are compressed, Opera Mini ends up transferring far less data than Safari. This directly translates into some serious money saved on Internet browsing. On Vodafone, here in India, Rs 499 a month will get you only 250 MB of data.

But that isn’t to say that Opera Mini is perfect. We found a couple of serious issues while browsing some sites. At times, when we clicked a link, the browser would refresh the same page than opening the page that link pointed to. We checked it with others and most have faced this problem. We couldn’t open a link that pointed to a PDF page either. On Safari, the link would have opened the PDF file in the default PDF viewer. Then there is no pinch and zoom, instead you have to tap the screen twice to zoom in and out of pages. We don’t really mind that but some users who have been hooked on to their iPhones for far too long would certainly won’t appreciate it.

All said and done, Opera Mini is essentially an alternative to Safari for casual browsing. It won’t replace Safari as our default browser (even if there had been an option to set it as default browser) but it certainly would be our browser for general reading purposes only because of its speed and the money saved due to Opera’s page compression technology.