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Opera Mobile browser now available for Android

9 Nov

As promised last week, Opera Mobile web browser is now available for download on the Android Market. Opera Mobile offers a true Internet browser experience and does not compress pages like Opera Mini. Opera Mobile 10.1 beta is the first browser from Opera Software to come with multi-touch support for pinch-to-zoom functionality.

Other features include tabbed browsing (shown in the screen shot on the left), geolocation support, Opera’s Presto rendering engine and the ability to sync bookmarks across devices and PCs using Opera Link. We are currently giving Opera Mobile for Android a spin and will post a review in the coming days.

Opera Mobile browser coming to Android, will feature pinch to zoom

14 Oct

Opera has just announced that it will launch its Opera Mobile browser for Android. The Oslo, Norway-based company says the app will be wvailable within a month and will be available for download from the Android Market. Opera Mobile will, for the first time, feature multi-touch for zooming in and out of web pages. Till now, it used to employ double tap to do the trick. The Android version will also include hardware acceleration for faster page rendering.

Update: Pinch to zoom is also coming to Opera Mini browser on Android.