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Opera Mini coming preinstalled on the Nokia X2!

7 Sep

The Nokia X2 to many represents the Finnish company’s bid to win back lower segment from the likes of the Corby, Cookie and new players. Running on the S40 platform with Ovi services packed into it and sporting a 5.0-megapixel camera, it seems a very decent value for money option at the official tag of Rs 5,999. However, what really piqued our interest was the fact that the phone comes with Opera Mini preinstalled on it (you can check the specs here) – a fascinating move when you considered that Nokia had itself released the Ovi Browser for its S40 platform not too long, using a data compression technology that was similar to Opera’s. Nokia is also one of the companies that has tended to back its own (pretty decent) browser on the Symbian platform (although we have heard of Opera Mini coming preinstalled on some Nokia devices such as the 3720), so for us, this marks a pretty significant move in the mobile browser wars. It also in a way attests to Opera Mini’s pre-eminence in lower-to-mid-segment devices (it comes preinstalled on most lower segment handsets from newer players like Micromax and Lava), although we do expect Nokia to compete hard there. As of now, however, we must applaud the Espoo boys for giving users an alternative in a relatively high-profile device.

Fly Mobiles launches its dual-SIM social networking phone – Fly MC170

13 Aug

Fly Mobiles has launched its latest dual-SIM multimedia handset, MC 170, which offers social networking and IM features. The phone comes pre-loaded with Opera Mini browser and social networking apps like Snaptu and Nimbuzz.

The name of this newbie is quite similar to its previous version, Fly MC 170DS, and take our word on this, there is no change in the industrial design whatsoever. However, the handset vendor has upgraded the phone by adding social networking features and increasing the talktime of the device. The Fly MC170 will offer a huge talktime of 10 hours which in former’s case was just 3 hours.

It sports a 6.1-inch TFT display, a 3.0 MP camera, a 3.5 mm audio jack, Bluetooth, GPRS, FM radio with recording, accelerometer and motion sensing gaming. The inbuilt memory of 87 MB can store up to 2,000 contacts and there’s also an expandable card slot which can fit in an 8GB microSD card. The phone will be available in the  market for around Rs 4,100.

When do you browse the Internet on your phone?

30 Jun

Opera, the Norwegian browser maker, has analysed the time-trend of mobile web usage around the world in its latest State of the Web report. The browser vendor has studied at length the Opera Mini usage during the course of the day in the top 10 countries – Indonesia, Russia, India, China, Nigeria, Ukraine, South Africa, the United States, Vietnam and the United Kingdom. The results have indicated that in each of these countries, the highest usage of the Opera Mini browser is recorded at the tail-end of the day – from 8 PM to midnight.

The United Kingdom thrives on mobile web early in the morning…: Compared to the users in other top 10 countries, users in the UK appear just as likely to be browsing with Opera Mini between 8 AM and noon.

…while America indulges over-night: Compared to users in the other top 10 countries, users in the United States are more likely to be browsing with Opera Mini between midnight and 4 AM.

India browses more during the afternoon hours: Compared to users in the other top 10 countries, users in India are more likely to be browsing with Opera Mini between noon and 4 PM.

In general, evening browsing (between 4 PM and midnight) is more common than daytime browsing (between 8 AM and 4 PM) in every country, except for China and the UK where daytime and evening usage is about even.

MVL Telecom to launch India's first push-email phone

21 Jun

We have officially lost count of the number of ‘Indian handset vendors’ out there in the market. The latest player to enter the fray is MVL Telecom, which come Wednesday, will claim to be the first Indian brand to offer push-email services. The company will announce ‘MVL Connect’ e-mail service, which will be a departure from the norm, where a third-party e-mail app is pre-embedded on a phone to offer e-mail.

The MVL Connect service will come on the G81 phone, which has a QWERTY keyboard, dual-SIM, quad-band GSM connectivity, 2.4 inch display, 3.2 MP camera, Li-ion 1050 mAh battery, 2,000 phonebook contacts, expandable memory up to 16 GB, FM radio with recording, mobile tracker, 78 MB internal memory, Bluetooth with A2DP and the ability to use the phone as a modem.

On the third-party apps front, the G81 will come pre-installed with Opera Mini, Nimbuzz and Snaptu. We expect this phone to be launched at under Rs 5,000.