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O2 wants you to develop an iPhone app

23 Apr

One of the world’s largest carriers wants to develop an iPhone app and it is asking you to develop one! That’s right folks, O2 UK is looking for developers who can develop an iPhone app for them that features the ducks from the carrier’s top-up surprises campaign. The campaign involves users getting surprise gifts when they top-up their prepaid accounts. If you are an iPhone developer or aspire to be one, check here for contest details.

O2’s Cocoon

12 Jul
What caught my fancy today is a phone that might not even come to India in the near future. Yet, its simple but stunning looks captivated me and I have not been able to think of anything else. It is the O2 Cocoon, the European carrier’s latest announcement. Like a cocoon, it has been done up in white and sports a clamshell form factor to complete the look. 
What’s so special about it, you might ask. Well, it has nothing exceptional that other multimedia phones don’t have these days, yet it is special. The way the Cocoon interacts with the user is special. The blue LEDs covering the face transform the device from a cellphone to a music player to an alarm clock. 
Heck, this Cocoon has a nest of its own, which also doubles up as the charging cradle. Placing the device in the cradle converts it into a clock with the LEDs displaying the time. You can set a morning alarm and leave the phone in its nest. You have the option to wake up to the sounds of your preferred radio station or your favourite track.
The company website says that you can store as many as 500 tracks on the device, which I believe translates into a 2GB memory. Again, the track name is displayed on the face by the cool blue LEDs. The device has an option whereby you can listen to uninterrupted music without going into offline mode and details of all incoming calls and messages will be stored for you to check later.
I assume that it runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard platform but the pics show a different UI. Nevertheless, it looks good in pics and I hope that it performs equally well in real life.