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Barnes & Nobles launches NOOKcolour, a flawed Android e-book reader of sorts

27 Oct


Barnes & Nobles has announced its latest e-book reader, which it calls the NOOKcolor. Priced at $249, it features a 7.0-inch touchscreen (1024×600 pixels) and runs on Android OS with a custom UI. The NOOKcolor is Wi-Fi only and has 8 GB of internal storage, which can be increased by another 32 GB with a microSD card. While it runs on Android, B&N has decided to make it a closed ecosystem and it does not come with any of the Google goodies (not even Android Market) and the bookseller would like to have its own application store instead.


Where the NOOKcolor scores over the plain-old NOOK (and probably even the Kindle) are certainly the colour display and a better browsing experience. It will come with a MS Office suite as well as a media player. However, where it seriously lacks is its battery performance – 8 hours of reading with the wireless turned off.


So here’s the deal, the NOOKcolor won’t give you the complete Internet Tablet experience (remember, no third party apps from the wild, only those that B&N let’s in) and it won’t give you the battery life one has come to expect from e-book readers thanks to their e-ink displays. So if a colour display is so crucial, I might just drop another $200 and get a proper Internet Tablet like the iPad (16 Gb Wi-Fi only) and install the NOOK app on it. And if having a longer lasting battery is more important than a colour display, i would rather save money and pick up the ol’ school NOOK or Kindle instead.


Without having even seen the NOOKcolor, my gut feeling says that it is neither a proper e-book reader nor an Internet Tablet. Then again, I like to be proven wrong and hope to get a review unit sometime soon.

Nook app arrives on Android

22 Jul

The e-book wars have come to Android. After slugging it out with Amazon’s Kindle app on the Apple App Store, Barnes & Noble have now come out with a Nook app for the Android Market, where Android had already unleashed a Kindle app not too long ago. The app gives users access to more than a million titles and runs on all Android devices that are running version 1.6 or higher of the OS.

We downloaded the app and took it for a spin on our Motorola Milestone and well, truth be told, we are not too impressed. A major  part of our displeasure stems from the fact that the app is not just a 5 MB plus download, but that it hogs an incredible 17 MB on your device. Now, space is a rather precious commodity on Android devices, so having one app occupy so much space is a bit of a luxury, even though the app itself is free. So the very fact that we had to un-install half a dozen apps to get the nagging “short of memory” message off the notification bar did not get the app off to a flying start. The fact that Kindle takes up just 3.55 MB in comparison makes the Nook app seem, well, more obese than heavyweight.

But if you do have space to spare, the Nook app delivers a lot. You can purchase books, get free sample chapters, read it across a variety of devices, and best of all, you can even lend certain e-books by letting your friends access them for 14 days. Top that off with a decent book reading experience (we rather like the page turning animations) and prices that are very very competitive and in many cases, better than what we have seen on the Kindle, and you can say that this app has lots of offer. All we ask of it is to shed those megabytes, or give us a free update to FroYo with the option to save apps to memory card.