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Opera Mini coming preinstalled on the Nokia X2!

7 Sep

The Nokia X2 to many represents the Finnish company’s bid to win back lower segment from the likes of the Corby, Cookie and new players. Running on the S40 platform with Ovi services packed into it and sporting a 5.0-megapixel camera, it seems a very decent value for money option at the official tag of Rs 5,999. However, what really piqued our interest was the fact that the phone comes with Opera Mini preinstalled on it (you can check the specs here) – a fascinating move when you considered that Nokia had itself released the Ovi Browser for its S40 platform not too long, using a data compression technology that was similar to Opera’s. Nokia is also one of the companies that has tended to back its own (pretty decent) browser on the Symbian platform (although we have heard of Opera Mini coming preinstalled on some Nokia devices such as the 3720), so for us, this marks a pretty significant move in the mobile browser wars. It also in a way attests to Opera Mini’s pre-eminence in lower-to-mid-segment devices (it comes preinstalled on most lower segment handsets from newer players like Micromax and Lava), although we do expect Nokia to compete hard there. As of now, however, we must applaud the Espoo boys for giving users an alternative in a relatively high-profile device.

Nokia pulls the plug on Ovi Files

2 Sep

Nokia has seemingly given up the ghost on its cloud storing service, Ovi Files. Launched a few years ago, it had seemed a decent attempt at using the Web/cloud to access information from either a desktop or a handset (of course, it worked only with Nokia devices), but had not really been able to match the likes of Dropbox, which worked across more devices and were, to be painfully blunt, a lot easier to use. So after leaving it simmering on the backburner for a while, Nokia has finally that enough is enough and has sent all Ovi File users a mail telling them that the service would be ending on October 1.

In what might seem to be a sad irony, the company which started the service as a cloud storage option has now told users that “You will still be able to share content between your phone and PC using another Nokia product, Nokia Ovi Suite,” even while conceding that “this is not a direct substitute for Ovi Files as Nokia Ovi Suite requires a wired connection between your PC and mobile device.” Exactly. Rest in peace, Ovi Files. You were a decent service while you lasted.

Intel, Nokia create joint lab to bring Star Wars' 3D hologram tech to MeeGo devices

24 Aug

If Intel and Nokia have their way, your MeeGo smartphone would very soon be able to project a 3D hologram of the person you are talking to! Sounds inspired by Star Wars but that’s exactly what the researchers at Finland’s University of Oulu will attempt to do, in collaboration with Intel and Nokia. Apart from bringing their favourite science fiction tech to reality, they would also focus on 3-D user interfaces and experiences on MeeGo devices.

Image Courtesy: Daily Mail

RCom latest to form an alliance with Nokia, to offer Ovi Life Tools service along with other freebies

23 Aug

As anticipated, Reliance Communications (RCom) is the latest carrier to offer Ovi Life Tools service on its network after forming an alliance with Nokia like its rival carriers- Bharti Airtel and Tata DoCoMo. The subscription charges for education and entertainment services are Rs 30 per month and for the agriculture service, the subscription charges are Rs 60 per month. Apart from these monthly subscription models, users can also opt for single requests ‘the pay-per-use’ which will cost a user Rs 3 per request.

The good news doesn’t ends here; RCom will also offer 2 GB of free data usage per month for six months to its subscribers who use Nokia OMU handset (Ovi Music Unlimited including Nokia 5530, Nokia 5800, Nokia X6 16 GB, Nokia X6 8 GB and Nokia 5235). And for the Nokia GPRS-enabled handsets, the carrier will provide 200 MB of free data usage per month per for six months besides giving up to 1,800 free on-net minutes bundled with Nokia 1800 with six-months validity.

RCom subscribers can also purchase Reliance broadband datacards at an exclusive price of Rs 1,999 along with the purchase of any Nokia OMU handset.

Nokia's Ovi Life Tools service now available on Airtel’s network

17 Aug

Airtel has joined hands with Nokia to offer Ovi Life Tools service to its subscribers in India. Airtel users can now make the most out of this service even without GPRS connectivity on their basic or low-end handsets. The service provide agricultural benefits to the rural class by offering weather updates, crop advisory; educational benefits like offerings on learning english, general knowledge, exam preparation modules covering State and Central Boards and other entertainment facilities like wallpapers, ringtones, RBT, games, jokes and news etc. Nokia’s Ovi Life Tools service is available for Airtel users starting at Rs 10 per pack.

Trill: A solid app for S60 text Tweeters!

4 Aug

One of the biggest complaints we have had about the Symbian S60 platform is the fact that barring the excellent Gravity (which, alas, comes for a rather high price, as far as apps go), good Twitter apps are rather hard to come by. This absence of Twitteralia becomes all the more conspicuous when one considers all the free Twitter apps that abound in the Android Market, the Apple App Store and even the BlackBerry App World. So you can imagine our delight when we heard that the good folk at Spice Labs had put a new Twitter client, called Trill, on the Ovi Store, which would run on Symbian Series 60 (3rd edition) devices, and hallelujah, would cost not a penny.

Of course, we went right ahead and downloaded it on our trusty Nokia E72 (turning a deaf ear to cries of “you are still using that phone” from the resident iPhone/Android squad) and well, while we were not exactly blown away by what we saw, it was a very handy app indeed. At 0.79 MB, it is not the heaviest download, although registering your Twitter account is mildly inconvenient – you launch the app, which launches the browser, where you enter your password and username, and then the browser closes and dumps you back into the app, which then starts loading your Tweets. The app itself is a decent, solid Twitter app if all one is looking for is the option to read and make some tweets and also check on one’s followers. You do not get options like the ability to shorten a URL or upload a picture, but if it is just text you are after and the option to open links mentioned in tweets, this will more than do. It is stable, quick, shows profile details, and allows you to search for other tweets and tweeters apart from doing basic stuff like making tweets, answering tweets and retweeting.

No, we do not think Trill is the answer to our prayers for a powerful Twitter client for S60, but it is more than a welcome addition to the rather thin Twitter offerings at the Ovi Store.

Nokia 5250 specs revealed in UA Profile

31 Jul

First spotted a couple of days ago at Nokia’s Ovi Store, the 5250 is getting closer to being announced. The Finnish handset vendor has uploaded the user agent profile (UA Profile) of the phone a few minutes ago that reveals some specs of the phone.

As expected, the 5250 will indeed be an entry-level touchscreen phone that might not even support 3G. According to the profile, it will have an nHD display (360×640 pixels) and a 3.2 MP camera. It would run on Symbian S60 5th edition platform. Normally, Nokia uploads the UA profile a few hours before announcing a new phone, which indicates that the 5250 might get official as early as today. We will keep our eyes peeled.