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Nokia X2-01 leaked

3 Nov

Nokia never ceases amusing us or should we say confusing us. At a time when we were still struggling to get our heads around its many platforms (Symbian S40, S60 3rd edition, S60 5th edition, Symbian^1, Symbian^3, Symbian^4 and MeeGo) and its naming schemes (C6-00, C6-01…), the Nokia X2-01 takes the cake for being the most challenging product of them all. First, the name – X2-01 – does not really tell how it is different from the X2-00. Does it have a better camera? Or a slide-out QWERTY? You can only make wild guesses from the name.



It is not until you see the picture that you realise it is a QWERTY keypad version of the X2-00. But wait, doesn’t it remind you about the C3? Of course, it does! But then this one belongs to the X-series so probably Nokia might offer some music related stuff with it.


On the specs front, it is claimed the X2-01 has a 3.0 MP camera (the X2-00 has 5.0 MP while the C3 has a 2.0 MP camera) and like the X2-00 and the C3, the X2-01 also runs on Symbian S40 platform. It does not have Wi-Fi support and going merely by the X2-00’s specs, it is unlikely to have 3G connectivity either. The C3 has Wi-Fi.


Now the big question is, how will Nokia position the X2-01. Will it be below the C3 (considering it does not have Wi-Fi) or above it (the X2-01 has a better camera)? We shall get our answer when Nokia officially announces the phone.


SOURCE: Mobile Review