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Nokia updates social networking app on the N8, adds much needed sharing option

28 Oct

Nokia has released an update for the Ovi social networking app on the N8. The new version (V 1.2) does not ask for login details every time one opens that app any more. The homescreen widget has also been tweaked, which now keeps auto-scrolling rather than having the user click repeatedly to see individual updates. The most important addition, however, is the share option in the media gallery about which we have been cribbing all this while. Now users would be able to post their pictures on Facebook or share it on Twitter directly from the camera menu or from the media gallery. We give our thumbs up to this update, how about you?

Nokia C7 starts shipping

11 Oct

After the Nokia N8, the Finnish vendor has started shipping its second smartphone based on the Symbian^3 platform, the C7, to various countries around the world.

The Nokia C7 features a 3.5-inch AMOLED display and comes with three customisable homescreens. It’s got a couple of pre-installed social networking apps and mail accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! mail and Windows Live Hotmail.  It houses an 8.0 MP snapper with dual LED flash, 8 GB of onboard storage (expandable up to 32 GB with a microSD card) and will offer a talktime of 9.5 hours on 2G networks and 5 hours on 3G networks. On the connectivity front, the Nokia C7 features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS and EDGE.

The Nokia C7 will hit various countries this quarter and will cost users approximately Rs 20,000 before taxes and subsidies. It would be interesting to see whether users go for the C7 or the N8, which will be launched in India tomorrow for an MRP of Rs 26,295.

Nokia N8 launch delayed, again…

21 Sep

Reuters is reporting that Nokia has delayed the launch of its flagship smartphone, the N8, till October. This is not the first time the N8 has suffered a delay, which was originally earmarked for a June launch but had to be pushed back as the development of the new Symbian OS took more time than expected. The N8 was supposed to be launched in September but it now seems that Nokia is still not pleased with some elements that require to be tweaked, which might push the launch to some time in October.

The N8 is a crucial device for Nokia this year considering it has not had a single successful high-end smartphone and hence, losing marketshare to Apple and others like Samsung, whose Galaxy S is available on all the major carriers in the US and in over a 100 other countries.

For consumers, however, the delay in roll-out of the N8 should be comforting as it shows Nokia is taking extra measures to ensure that the device gives a flawless user experience. In the past, Nokia has been accused of rushing out half-baked products into the market (remember the N97?).

SOURCE: Reuters

Hands on with the Nokia N8 (video)

28 Aug

Earlier this week, Nokia invited us to get acquainted with its upcoming flagship N-series smartphone – the N8. It runs on Nokia’s new Symbian^3 OS, which lends a much smoother user interface, though in the core it really is similar to the Symbian S60 fifth edition that we have seen in the N97 and the N97 Mini.

The Nokia N8 is a multimedia powerhouse and comes with a 12.0 MP camera that can shoot videos in 720p HD resolution. For us, the killer feature on the N8 is the ability to connect a USB pen drive to the phone and play music/video off the pen drive!

Check out our brief hardware tour of the Nokia N8 below and let us know what you think.

Nokia N8 first impressions emerge, termed evolutionary not revolutionary

24 Jun

Eldar Murtazin, the founder of Mobile Review and the guy who-gets-it-all months before phones are even announced has given his first take on the Nokia N8. And he does not seem all that impressed. While this is not a review and just some impressions, the bottom line remains that while the N8 is an excellent product in Nokia’s portfolio, it isn’t quite cut out to take on the competition. He also mentions Nokia’s plans to launch N8 variants – a 32 GB version, a stripped down camera version and another with a QWERTY keyboard. This statement from him just about sums everything:

“The Nokia N8 is a good replacement for the Nokia 5800 if you bought the latter at the beginning of the sales. Overall, it is a solution for Nokia enthusiasts who do not have experience with other OS’ or platforms. For them, the device makes a sensible choice, offers a series of improvements over its predecessors. It is an evolutionary development of the touch-sensitive phone from Nokia. However, for the market, the model doesn’t suggest any new user experience, cannot catch up with alternatives from other companies, and doesn’t have anything unique to offer.”

Head over to Murtazin’s musings on the N8 over here