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Nokia N900 firmware update brings MeeGo as a dual-boot option

26 Oct

nokia-n900-firmware-update Of all things Nokia is accused of, one thing you have to commend is their dedication to older products by bringing regular software updates. Now take the case of the N900 – it might not have sold in large numbers and some might say that the hardware is past is expiry date, but Nokia is sticking by it. The handset vendor has released a firmware update for the N900 (PR 1.3) that adds a couple of new features. Most notably of those is the addition of Ovi Suite support for syncing the device with a PC and access to Ovi Music Store, which would allow users to download songs over a web browser interface. The third benefit is simply classified as “many performance improvements.” One major improvement that we are hearing from our sources is that it would allow users to dual-boot the device and have MeeGo running on it, provided you know how to hack your way. Now that’s certainly great news for the few hundred N900 users out there.