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Moto to launch a 10-inch Android tablet, dual SIM phones?

7 Aug

We have just learnt from one of our connects that Motorola indeed has a 10-inch Android tablet in the works and it will run on Android 3.0 aka Gingerbread. The tablet, referred to as the M-Pad (very unlikely to be the final name), will also have a camera but he was not sure about its megapixel count or whether it would have a front facing one for video calls. The M-pad will be announced in the October-November time frame. We have heard murmurings about such a device in the works from other sources in the past.

The most interesting tid bit that we learnt today was Moto’s plans to launch dual-SIM phones in India pretty soon. One of the dual-SIM phones is expected to have a QWERTY keypad, which would compete with similar offerings from virtually every local player out here.

On the Android smartphone front, after the recent launch of the Milestone XT720 and Backflip, we can expect to see the Flipout (watch the video below). Also in the pipeline seems to be a smartphone in candybar form factor with an alphanumeric keypad. We ain’t sure what this could be as there is no such device in Motorola’s present or upcoming portfolio that we know about.

Motorola to launch a 10-inch Internet Tablet running Android Gingerbread in November?

27 Jul

Motorola is expected to launch an Android-based Internet Tablet with a 10-inch display during the holiday season this year, according to The Street, which is quoting analyst Ashok Kumar, who has a history of big misses and some hits. While Motorola’s ambitions to launch an Internet Tablet does not surprise us, what is shocking in the report is that this device would be running on the next version of Android, codenamed Gingerbread.

It is already the end of July and we are yet to see devices running Android 2.1 aka Froyo and this speculation that Gingerbread might come on a device in about four months from now will only increase confusion and fragmentation of the OS.

Imagine this – consumers are still trying to figure out whether their Android phones running on Android 2.1 would get a Froyo update or not. Considering that there are no Android 2.2 devices available in the market, new buyers will now not only have to decide a new phone on the basis of whether it will get a Froyo update but also consider whether their spanking new phone will become outdated in less than six months with a new version of Android.