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Motorola Flipout: First Impressions and Live Pics

2 Nov

Motorola might not have issued an official press release, yet, but we were fortunate enough to land ourselves with a unit of the Flipout. Running on Android 2.1 with a ‘rotator’ form factor, the Flipout is probably the first Android smartphone targeted at the fairer sex. The compact size (67.00 x 67.00 x 17.00 mm), the raised cylindrical keys and the coloured panels bundled with the phone, the Flipout is a chick magnet. The few girls I showed it to flipped out (pun intended) over the phone.


Many girls complain about QWERTY keupads on phones, which are meant to be used with the flesh part of one’s fingers rather than one’s nails (especially those with long nails). The Flipout’s raised cylindrical keys solve that problem. In fact, those keys forced me to use my nails to type, something I’m not exactly used to.


Priced at Rs 15,990, the Flipout seems a bit expensive for its features. Think about it, a 2.8-inch QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) display, a 3.1 MP camera with fixed focus and a 600 MHz processor – that is not exactly what one would expect from a Android smartphone priced upwards of Rs 15,000. Yes, the form factor is worth the premium. Yes, the build quality is almost impeccable. And yes, it is a one-of-its-kind Android smartphone. But it does let down on the core specifications front.


The Motorola Flipout is an aesthetically pleasing phone and will appeal to those looking for a ‘smart’ phone rather than just a ‘smartphone.’ These are just my first impressions after playing around with the device for a few hours. I will be posting a detailed review soon.

Don’t forget to check out more live pictures of the Moto Flipout on our brand new Facebook Page.

Pictures By: Manjari Agrawal