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Everything you wanted to know about the 'modu T'

20 Oct

modu t jacketsModu Mobile, an Israeli cellphone manufacturer, took the industry by storm in 2009 when it showcased the world’s first modular phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The concept was powerful – a tiny device that could function on its own as a cellphone but could morph into different roles when it was inserted into specially built jackets. However, modu phones never really took off and the modu T is essentially the company’s second innings. It has been recognised as the world’s lightest 3.5G touch phone by the Guinness Book of World Records. Here’s a list of everything you wanted to know about this mysterious phone, which will be launched in India.


The concept still remains the same – the main phone unit aka modu and an array of jackets.


The only thing that seems to have changed is that it now runs on Qualcomm’s BREW platform and has a range of applications like Facebook, Snaptu, YouTube, eBuddy, TuneWiki among others preinstalled.


Apart from apps, a key to modu is the jacket. Depending on the jacket the device can transform itself into a camera phone or a music phone or even a text messaging/e-mailing/chatting phone.


Micromax will announce the modu T tomorrow. The phone is expected to retail at Rs 9,999 and is likely to come bundled with two jackets.

UPDATE: The official price of the modu T is Rs 12,500 and will be available with Aircel.

Update: Micromax to sell the 'modu T' phone in India

19 Oct

We know we have been bombarding you with posts related to Micromax but we promise that this is the last and the final one for today. We can now confirm that Micromax will announce that it will distribute the modu T phone in India. Yup, the same tiny phone which was awarded the Guinness World Record for being the lightest 3.5G touch phone in the world.

The modu T is a sleek device with a 2.2 inch touchscreen, 2GB of onboard memory (expandable upto 32GB with a microSD card), a 5.0 MP snapper, FM radio and GPS. It also offers a couple of pre-embedded social networking apps.

And in case you’re wondering about the Micromax Android and the Micromax EG333 (EVDO+GSM) handsets, let us tell you that those phones are around the corner and we will keep our eyes peeled.

Update: We have been able to glean some more information from our sources. Modu will utilise Micromax’s distribution strength to sell its wares. The device is likely to be priced at Rs 9,999 Rs 12,500 and will come with two jackets – sportify and camerafy. The camerafy jacket will give it a 5.0 MP camera.