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Skyfire 1.X will no longer be supported outside of North America and Western Europe

30 Jun

Skyfire, an alternative mobile web browser, today announced that it won’t be supporting its Symbian and Windows Mobile versions (Skyfire Version 1.X) outside of North America and Western Europe, citing low ad revenues in those countries that don’t cover the cost of operating. Skyfire’s original version was a proxy architecture, much like Opera Mini, where pages are downsized and rendered at a back-end server before they are pushed to the device.

In February, Skyfire acquired ‘kolbysoft’, a company that had created a webkit-based browser for Android called Steel, which changed Skyfire’s product offering. Instead of remaining just a proxy-based service, Skyfire evolved into a complete webkit browser that also had cloud-based services. The company then released the Skyfire browser for Android that could also play Flash videos, which has been downloaded over 600,000 times.

Skyfire’s CEO, Jeff Glueck, today announced that the company is now totally committed on Skyfire 2.0 and will soon submit an iPhone version for review. The company is also working with OEMs and handset vendors to have Skyfire pre-installed on their devices. Skyfire will also come to Symbian and Windows Mobile soon.