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Exclusive: It ain't just Airtel, many Indian carriers are bringing microSIMs. But why?

25 Sep

Yesterday, we wrote about Airtel’s microSIMs doing the rounds and we decided to do a little digging ourselves. And guess what, almost every carrier is planning to launch microSIM cards. At least one carrier, Aircel, is about to start retailing them for post-paid numbers. Our sources tell us that more carriers are planning to launch microSIM cards in the coming days and weeks.

But why would they do that, considering that the iPhone 4 is the only phone out there that uses microSIM cards and only two carriers – Airtel and Vodafone – are officially supposed to be launching it in India. Why would an Aircel or for that matter any other carrier launch microSIM cards?

There can be only two reasons:

1. There are more devices coming with microSIM card slots. Currently, it is only the iPhone 4 but probably other handset manufacturers also see merit in using microSIM cards and are planning to launch phones with these smaller SIM cards. But had that been the case, more carriers around the world would have been introducing them.

2. Apple is planning to launch factory unlocked iPhone 4/3G version of the iPad in India. We have our doubts about the iPhone 4, considering Apple already has a deal with Airtel and Vodafone for the past two years. But then stranger things have happened.