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LG's Internet Tablet coming in May 2011, to run Android 3.0

20 Nov

At yesterday’s LG Optimus One launch press conference, I asked LG about its Internet Tablet plans. Expecting a ‘no comment’ reply, I was taken aback when they did not shy away from sharing some details. They are certainly working on one and expect it to be launched in May (it is not clear whether that’s the global or India launch time frame). The Tablet will run on Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb.

The company also plans to launch as many as 10 smartphones in the Optimus range priced between Rs 8,000-Rs 35,000 in the next six months. Of these 10, only two would be running Windows Phone 7 and the rest would run on Android. The first LG Windows Phone 7 smartphone, the Optimus 7, will be launched in India in February next year at a price range of Rs 25,000-Rs 30,000.

When asked about LG’s multimedia phone plans, Vishal Chopra, LG’s business group head (mobile communications) said that they would not have any feature phone priced above Rs 15,000.

LG launches 5 CDMA handsets in India

20 Oct

LG has launched 5 CDMA Open Market Handsets in India – the 6160, 6210, 6300, 6400 and 235. The LG 6160 and 6210 handsets sport multimedia features such as MP3 player, FM radio with recording, Bluetooth and a 3.5 mm audio jack. The memory is expandable up to 4 GB with a microSD card. While the 6160 supports Hindi language along with English, the 6210 has other features like panchang, EMI calculator and BMI (Body Mass Index). The 6160 is priced at Rs 2,649 and the 6210 at Rs 2,999.

The LG 6300 is a music phone with active sub-woofer and side-stereo speakers with incredible surround sound. It has 2.0 MP camera, MP3 player, wireless FM radio with recording and Bluetooth. This CDMA phone is available in the market for Rs 4,749.

The LG 6400 is also a multimedia handset with 1.3 MP camera with video recording, wireless FM radio with recording, 3.5 mm audio jack, Bluetooth and expandable memory up to 4GB. The phone also offers upport for Hindi language along with English and is priced at Rs 4,425.

The LG 235 aka the Cookie Spark offers a 5.0 MP snapper, Wi-Fi connectivity and one touch access to SNS updates. This Cookie is priced at Rs 5,898. Just to remind you guys, LG had already launched the CDMA version of the LG 510 aka the Cookie Zip nearly 3 months ago. The LG Cookie Zip is available in the market for Rs 8,000.

Unknown LG T325 touchscreen phone spotted at Bluetooth SIG site

31 Jul

The Bluetooth SIG, the group responsible for setting Bluetooth standards and notorious for releasing information about unannounced phones, has revealed the existence of an LG T325. Destined for Europe in August, there is very little information available about this touchscreen phone apart from the fact that it supports Bluetooth, is 3G-enabled and well, has a touchscreen. From the looks of it, we’d reckon it has a 3.2 inch display and in all probability falls under the brands Cookie range. We are fairly certain it won’t be long before LG officially announces this phone.

Developer shows off his LG WP7 smartphone

24 Jul

Microsoft has started sending out pre-production units of smartphones based on its Windows Phone 7 (WP7) OS to developers and one of them could not contain his excitement. What does he do? Post a video of the phone, of course. Without further adieu, check out the WP7 video tour.

via Pocket Now

LG outlines its smartphone strategy

5 Jul

LG today outlined its global smartphone strategy during the launch of its latest Android smartphone, the Optimus Z, in Korea. From whatever little we could glean off this crudely translated LG Korea press release, it seems that LG will launch its Optimus Series of phones globally. The series includes the high-end Optimus Z, which runs on Android 2.2 and has a 3.8 inch display, HD video recording and probably even HD TV-out. Then there is the Optimus Q in the mid-segment and one Optimus Chic as the entry-level Android smartphone that will run on Android 2.1.

The press release also mentions Android-based Internet tablet devices in Q4 apart from a Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Looks like we are staring into a string of high-profile launches from LG. Stay tuned in…

LG launches app store for both feature and smartphones

5 Jul

LG has relaunched its application store that now has more applications and is now no longer restricted to smartphones with apps for feature phones. LG had first announced its application store during CommunicAsia last year along with the launch of the ‘first’ Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone (which was eventually launched on WinMo 6.1 and we ain’t sure if it ever got updated to WinMo 6.5).

The revamped application store will host about 3,000 apps with half of them for feature phones. Currently, the store supports Java and Windows Mobile devices and support for Android devices is in the works. According to LG, the store will be functional in 23 countries and will be extended to 33 countries soon. India is among the supported countries and you can check out the store here

LG E900 destined to be a Windows Phone 7 smartphone

25 Jun

With the launch of smartphones running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 looming closer, it is all but natural to stumble upon some documents related to some of these upcoming handhelds. We have come across one such document related to the LG E900, which appeared to be a normal dumbphone with a WVGA display till we scrolled down to the browser properties and were surprised to see it running IE7 (mobile IE for Windows Phone 7 devices). Yup, the E900 will be one of the handful of Microsoft’s assault team to take on Apples, Androids and BlackBerries of the world.

We don’t know about the specs that the E900 will offer but we can be sure that it will support multi-touch, at least a 1 GHz processor and superb graphics rendering capabilities – the mandatory pre-requisites for any Windows Phone 7 device.