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LG launches app store for both feature and smartphones

5 Jul

LG has relaunched its application store that now has more applications and is now no longer restricted to smartphones with apps for feature phones. LG had first announced its application store during CommunicAsia last year along with the launch of the ‘first’ Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone (which was eventually launched on WinMo 6.1 and we ain’t sure if it ever got updated to WinMo 6.5).

The revamped application store will host about 3,000 apps with half of them for feature phones. Currently, the store supports Java and Windows Mobile devices and support for Android devices is in the works. According to LG, the store will be functional in 23 countries and will be extended to 33 countries soon. India is among the supported countries and you can check out the store here

Sony Ericsson probes for new developers through ‘Get on the Train to Fame’ contest

14 Dec

Sony Ericsson Developer World (SEDW), a web portal powered by Sony Ericsson, today announced the launch of its ‘Get on the Train to Fame’ contest in India. The contest intends to encourage developers to submit novel content for various platforms such as Java, Symbian, WinMo and Android.


The developers will get a chance to be placed on Sony Ericsson Channels to market and be made available to consumers across 70 countries on Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow™ and Fun & Downloads.


The best application will be chosen every week and the winning developer will win a Satio. The contest also entitles developers to earn 70% of the revenues from the sales of their content.

Click www.sonyericsson.com/in/traintofame to participate and submit your entries.

Sony Ericsson introduces Labs to test beta apps

7 Jul

Today, we stumbled upon Sony Ericsson Labs, a the Swedish handset maker’s Developer World. It is similar to Nokia’s Beta Labs that provides a platform for apps in beta stage to be tested by real consumers.

Sony Ericsson goes one step further and provides a link from where users can download the featured apps directly on to their devices. If you are a Sony Ericsson user, you’d like to check it out for some cool apps on your cellphone here or on your PC here.

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At last, Orkut gets a dedicated mobile app

5 Jun

Dedicated apps for accessing FaceBook on mobiles have been available since a long time. In fact, today there is one available for almost all popular platforms including Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile and even BlackBerry.

On the other side, Google’s competing social networking site Orkut did not have anything remotely close, that is till today. Google has now finally introduced a Java app for Orkut that will work on most phones (apart from the iPhone, of course).
The app, allows users to:

– Take a photo on your phone and upload it right to your orkut album.
– Share photos with orkut friends or SMS the photos to phone contacts not yet on orkut.
– Call or SMS any of your orkut friends or phone contacts without leaving the app.
– View scraps, updates from friends, and photo albums in offline mode.

Users can download the Java app from m.google.com/orkut directly on their phones.

via Official Google Mobile Blog

Sun Microsystems to announce Java app store with one billion potential users!

21 May

What can we say. Barely five minutes ago we reported about Qualcomm’s plans to have an universal app store of their own and we get pinged about Sun Microsystem’s upcoming Project Vector. What is it? An app store, what else! However, this time it won’t be limited to cellphones alone (though we believe they will be responsible for quite a big chunk of traffic) and will be a one-stop shop for anything Java.

Sun will charge app developers for distributing the apps (we assume that would be in the vicinity of 30 percent if other app stores are anything to go by) and the company hopes that the sheer size of Java users (over a billion users) will be good enough for it to become the world’s largest app store. Sun will announce this initiative at the JavaOne event in San Fransisco on June 2.

Now we wonder why didn’t anyone think about creating app stores before a certain fruity company did that? The answer is simple, it takes guts for doing something radical and there are only a few companies that have that risk taking ability.

Read more at Sun’s CEO Jonathan Schwartz’s blog.