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VLC Player for iOS plays almost every video file

26 Oct

VLC Player iOS One major gripe that most iOS device users have is that they have to convert video files to a format that iTunes supports. Unless one uses a Mac, the exercise is painful and time consuming. Well, not anymore. VLC Player for iOS is now available on the App Store for, which allows users to transfer almost any video file format to their iPhone/iPod/iPad and play it using the free app.


We tried the app on our brand new iPod touch and it worked like a charm. Download VLC Player from the App Store. Now connect your iOS device to your PC/Mac and select it in iTunes. Click on the apps tab on the device page on iTunes. Scroll down till you see the file sharing option. Select VLC from there and add the video file you want to play on your iOS device. Once done, iTunes will sync the file to your device. On your iOS device, open VLC Player and you will see your videos displayed there.


We are not sure how Apple approved this app, considering that it replicates a function of one of the core Apple apps – iPod – and to be honest does a far better job. Anyway, we would suggest that you download VLC Player till the time Apple lets it live on the App Store.