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After Antennagate, is Glassgate next for iPhone 4?

8 Oct

The iPhone 4 seems to be jinxed for Apple. After fielding issues related to its ‘revolutionary’ antenna, it now seems that a few specs of dust might be able to crack the rear glass panel of the phone. GDGT reports that this can happen to users who ‘protect’ their iPhone 4 with a slip-on case. Now the thing about a slip-on case is it shields not only the side of the phone (the culprit behind the ‘grip of death’) but it also protects the back. But as we all have experienced, some tiny particulates do find their way inside and get sandwiched between the rear panel of the phone and the internal lining of the case.

GDGT reports that internally, Apple engineers have learnt that these particulates can scratch the iPhone 4’s rear glass panel, which eventually develop into full-blown cracks! While we have not seen this happen to any iPhone 4 but if it does, Apple will have to bend over backwards and appease agitated customers. I won’t blame them, considering they have spent a fortune buying the iPhone 4 (don’t forget the hours spent waiting in a queue or the days spent waiting out of the window waiting for the FedEx guy to arrive).

I’m not sure how Apple would wriggle out of this one but what I’m sure about is that next year’s iPhone will look a lot different than the iPhone 4.


Real Football 2011, FIFA 11 coming to App Store this week?

26 Sep

The biggest mobile football game rivalry is expected to get a refresh this week, with Gameloft’s Real Football and EA’s FIFA series going toe to toe again. If rumours are to be believed, both Real Football 2011 and FIFA 11 are likely to hit the App store in the coming few days. We have heard no official confirmation but sources within both companies are reasonably sure that footy gaming fans will have reason to celebrate this week. Both games claim to offer radically better graphics and support for the retina display as well as official affiliations with different clubs and countries, letting you mess around with real players.

However, what we are really curious about is the gameplay – will the two games take a page out of Konami’s Pro Evo Soccer book and minimise the need to hit onscreen buttons? And erm…call us skinflints, but we are also wondering about the price tags and are offering prayers that they will be as far from the USD 10 mark as possible. We are waiting and watching!

Docs To Go 4.0 for iOS released!

13 Sep

One of the most popular office suites on the Apple App Store, Documents To Go has a new version. Documents To Go 4.0 arrived in the App Store today and will work on the iPhone/ iPod touch and iPad. And it brings a number of features that the developers at DataViz (the folks behind the suite) claim that users have been clamouring for, including “speed optimizations, Sheet To Go “freeze panes”, improved high resolution retina display” (yep, we are quoting the release there!). The new version also lets users take advantage of iOS’ multi-tasking feature (but what of the iPad, we wonder) and joy of joys, supports full external keyboard. The interface has been tweaked and made simpler and  the already muscular Word to Go has had more formatting options added to it, such as left and right indent, strike out, and new bullet styles.

“Our loyal customer base has always been a huge resource for DataViz in terms of what features to add to our products and this version is no exception.   Documents To Go 4.0 adds some of the top customer requests along with features that take advantage of the latest technology provided by Apple to offer an even more functional mobile office suite,” said Bonnie Boyle, Business Manager for Documents To Go products. The suite is available in two flavours – normal and Premium, with the former costing $9.99 and the latter being a tad pricier at $16.99. All customers who purchased Documents To Go 3.0 will however get a free upgrade to the new suite. We like that and are downloading! Watch this space for a review.

FarmVille spoof Farmvillain dodges Chuck Norris, arrives in App Store

12 Aug

It was only a matter of time, we guess. Hot on the heels of the Farmville app on the iPhone comes its spoof, Farmvillain. Designed by Jolt Online Gaming, the app is a merciless spoof on the gathering and animal caring ways of Farmville with jokes and anecdotes that are so risque that the app was allegedly turned down three times by Apple (including once because it appeared “to include features that identify Chuck Norris”) before it finally made its way into the official download zone of iPhone/iPod touch users. The game costs $0.99 and as to what it contains, well, we will let the game description on iTunes do the talking:

“Sick of cutesie FamrVille posts on your Facebook page? Fight back with Farmvillain. Send hilarious dark and humorous posts to yourself and your friends’ walls. Want to give your friends some mad cow disease? Allow animal testing on your farm?…Farmvillain is most assuredly not a game, nor is it affiliated with any part of FarmVille. We’re much funnier than that.”

What can we say to that? We are downloading, folks. No offence meant to Mr Norris.

Weekend reading: Why Apple needs to loosen its death grip over Antenna Gate

25 Jul

iPhone 4 death gripFirst they denied it. Then they accepted it. And now they are on a mission to prove everyone suffers from it. The headline and the picture are indications enough of what it is all about – the iPhone 4’s ‘Antenna Gate’ and how Apple is reacting to it.

Initially, Apple turned a blind eye to reports that indicated the iPhone 4 might have a faulty antenna design which leads to it dropping calls when held in a particular way (when held in the left hand and the skin covers the lower left edge of the phone – also called as the death grip). Last week, Steve Jobs addressed the media and accepted that there was a problem that affected less than a per cent of iPhone 4 owners and offered free cases to all owners as a peace offering. (The case covers the antenna and eliminates the death grip.)

Everything would have been fine had Jobs & Co. left it at that. But no, like sore losers they won’t accept that they screwed up and have now embarked on a mission to prove that every cellphone out there suffers from attenuation (the loss of signal when the antenna is obstructed by skin when held). Precisely for that Apple has put online a website on which it uploads videos of how death grip can be applied to phones from competing brands.

I admire Jobs and products that Apple comes out with and it saddens me to see how they are unable to come to terms with a bad design decision with your most popular product. While Apple can put the death grip on any phone under the sun, the point they are missing is that people don’t hold phones the way they are holding to demonstrate attenuation on other phones. Apple even shows the iPhone 3GS suffering from attenuation but no one has really complained about it before simply because they do not hold their iPhone 3GS that way!

While Apple’s videos were entertaining initially, now they are becoming irritating and have started putting me off. What will they come up with next week? Probably how to put a death grip on the Samsung Galaxy S? I won’t be surprised.

My point of this entire rant is to just tell Apple to pucker up and face the reality. Rather than telling us that others are bad too, just work things out and give us a solution. We love your phones and are willing to use them with a case if need be. We won’t complain, promise. Just grow up!

Marware launches Bumper-like case for iPhone 4

24 Jul

Marware SportGrip Edge for iPhone 4Ever since Apple announced that it would be offering free iPhone 4 cases to all owners, we felt for third-party case sellers who have spent millions of dollars manufacturing a variety of cases for the world’s most loved/hated (take your pick) smartphone. Now Marware has launched a Bumper-like case for the iPhone 4. Considering that Apple won’t be able to make enough Bumpers for its 3 million or so customers, in all probability, it will offer a choice of silicone slips to choose from once it runs out of Bumpers.

If that really isn’t your thing, you should look at this SportGrip Edge from Marware. Priced at $19.99, it is similar to Apple’s Bumper – it is a band that covers the edges – and it also comes with two sheets of screen protector for the front and the back of the phone. Not only will it eliminate call drops caused by the “death grip” but it will also protect the front and the back from getting scratched.

Jay Freeman aka Saurik shows his jailbroken iPhone 4 on camera

24 Jul

Those of you who use jailbroken iPhones must be familiar with the name Jay Freeman aka Saurik. Yup, he’s the guy behind the popular Cydia app store for getting apps that Apple won’t ever approve. He is here showing off his jailbroken iPhone 4 complete with the Cydia app store while talking to the folks at Making it Work. Hit the link below to watch the video.

via TUAW