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Apple to ship free iPhone 4 cases to owners and everyone lived happily ever after…

17 Jul

Steve Jobs today sweet-talked the media, gave out free iPhone 4 cases and literally put the whole ‘death grip’ and ‘antenna gate’ incident behind him. Jobs set the tone at the beginning by saying, “We are not perfect. Phones are not perfect.” Then he went on to show (on video) how a similar death grip could put the BlackBerry 9700, HTC Droid Eris and the Samsung Omnia 2 to sleep – a point that he had been making ever since the whole issue first started getting reported.

What really set the record straight was some stats that he dropped – only 0.55 per cent of iPhone 4 users are reporting this problem and the number of additional calls dropped per 100 calls on the iPhone 4 is less than one when compared to the iPhone 3GS. Talking about the iPhone 3GS, he said that the return rate of the iPhone 3GS was double that that of the iPhone 4 during early shipments. So far, Apple has sold three million units of the iPhone 4 in just three weeks.

Jobs was just short of admitting that the iPhone 4 has a flawed design with the antenna strip running around the edges of the phone but insisted that this is a problem that every handset manufacturer out there is facing.

Still, to pacify its users (I think it was more a step to pacify the press than anyone else), Apple will ship free iPhone 4 cases to all iPhone 4 owners and will refund those who bought Apple’s bumper cases. The offer will begin next week when Apple will put a site online from where owners would be able to choose a case. Unfortunately, Apple won’t be able to manufacture as many bumpers and we have a sneak feeling that we might be seeing silicone cases in different colour options on that site. The offer would be on till September 30. Unsatisfied users can also return their phone and they would be refunded in full without having to pay any restocking fee.

Jobs dismissed the idea of making any design changes on the phone and also said the Bloomberg story that he was told about this problem when the iPhone 4 was being designed were completely false. However, he added that during their tests, they noticed that there was a loss of signal when the e was held in a certain way but they never really thought it would be this bad.

It takes balls of steel for someone to face the press when journalists smell blood and Jobs really came out with nary a scratch on him or his company. It seems to me that everyone just wanted to see him on stage and talk about it in public rather than sharing his views with random people via an occasional e-mail. And to reassure its customers, in a rare move, Apple has posted a video of Jobs’ July 16 iPhone 4 antenna gate address on its website.

Next week, Apple will be announcing its latest quarterly results and it would be rather interesting to see if anyone asks the company how much money they would be spending to ship everyone free cases. Nevertheless, it would be much cheaper than a recall, which would have cost the company at least $1.5 billion according to some analysts.