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Apple releases patch for Exchange Server issues after iOS4 update

1 Jul

After updating their iPhone 3G and 3GS to the latest iOS4, many users had complained about erratic behaviour in the way it handled e-mail configured using Microsoft’s Exchange Server. Our own e-mail constantly failed to send mails that we composed on our iPhone. While the issue didn’t create as much noise as the failing antenna band (death of grip) or the breaking covers, Apple took notice of it and issued a patch.

If you are facing Exchange Server-related problems on your iPhone running on iOS 4, see here on how you can resolve the issue. It is a small download and install process, which would require you to reboot your device once the installation is complete.

Yahoo! releases Mail, IM app for Android; HTML5 site for iOS

1 Jul

Yahoo! has announced a couple of apps for Android and a new HTML5, iOS optimised site for iPhone and iPod touch owners.

The Android apps for Y! Messenger and Y! Mail will be available in the Android Market and will work with all devices running OS 2.0 and above. Users will be able to receive push notifications for new mails; will be able to access contacts both from their Yahoo! account as well as those stored on their device; search mails by subject, sender’s name and even upload images stored on the phone as mail attachments. Users will be able to send and receive pictures even from the IM app for Android. In addition to this, Yahoo! has also released a search widget for Android phones.

For iPhone and iPod touch users, Yahoo! has released an HTML5 web app for mail. Users will get desktop like experience in terms of speed and features and will be able to access their mails even when they are offline and carry out local searches thanks to on-device local caching. The web app will also display HTML messages along with images or videos that come as attachments. The web app can be now previewed by going to m.yahoo.com/mail from Safari browser on your iPhone or iPod touch and selecting ‘Preview the new Yahoo! Mail’ link.

Gresso brings luxurious casing for the Godphone

29 Jun

Gresso, a company renowned for manufacturing luxury mobile phones, has this time come up with an exclusive wooden casing for your Apple iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. This ‘super-haute’ iPhone casing is made of African Blackwood (known for its durability and strength) with an 18K-gold Apple logo carved on the backside. Since, the texture of the wood always differs, so no two iPhones cases would be alike. So if you don’t mind paying extra for exclusivity, the Gresso iPhone casing is definitely your thing.

There are two variants in the Gresso iPhone casing – the male version (which has a plain back with an 18K-gold Apple logo) and a female version (with an 18K-gold Apple logo and inscribed Swarovski crystals).

The limited edition Gresso iPhone 3GS casing would be available at select outlets in July whereas the Gresso iPhone 4 casing will be only available by the end of this year.

World Cup app fever: zombies and animals boot it!

18 Jun

As the football World Cup goes into overdrive, app developers are getting really – and we mean REALLY- creative with their appy interpretations of the Beautiful Game, going well beyond routine footy kick me arounds and news updates. Two of the latest games that have descended on the App Store have got football themes with thorough twists. While Animal Soccer World: Jungle Cup Party sees elephants and lions literally having a ball in the jungle, courtesy a football that washed up on their shores, Pro Zombie Soccer (see the screenshot) lets gamers step into the shoes of a talented football player and take on an army of the undead by kicking – you guessed it – footballs at them. Both games come for $ 0.99 in the App Store.

Of course, followers of “pure football games” like the FIFA and Pro Evo series  will scoff at such titles, but those users who want to get a flavour of football without getting too involved in the sport might just love them. Pro Zombie Soccer in particular struck us as being a whole lot of fun with its comic-based graphics, while Animal Soccer World seemed to be targeted more at the cutesy, kiddy crowd. What both titles prove is that when it comes to the App Store, there is clearly more to football than, well, football.

Flick Kick now gets into football mode

14 Jun

It continues to rain football games in the App Store. Just a day after Pro Evo Soccer made its debut on the iPhone, PikPok, the folks who have brought out Flick Kick Fielf Goal and Flick Kick Rugby, have released Flick Kick Football, a game revolving around free-kicks and dead ball situations in football. The purpose of the game is to score goals off free-kicks, using a flick of your finger to not just give power and direction to the football, but even curve it around walls. There is an arcade mode, a time attack mode and the option to share your scores online. All in a distinctly 1970s presentation style that will bring tears to the eyes of the sentimentally-inclined.

It is simple, incredibly addictive and well-worth the $0.99 being charged for it. We have been playing it for hours now and we still cannot get over how much fun it is to curve a ball around a wall, rather than just try to blast it over or around it as in other footy games. Worth a download for all those who just want the simple adrenaline rush of taking a shot at goal.

Goal! Pro Evo Soccer arrives in the App Store

13 Jun

It has taken its time coming, but Konami’s legendary Pro Evolution Soccer football game is finally in the Apple App Store, just days after the Football World Cup got underway (coincidence, eh?). The iPhone is the latest platform to host the football game rivalry between Konami and EA which has reached epic proportions on other platforms, with Pro Evo (as it is called) taking on EA’s FIFA football series. The coming days will reveal how the titles face off against each other on the Godphone, with the likes of Real Football and X2 Football doing much more than making up footy game numbers in the App Store.
Priced at a rather expensive £5.99 (we expect it to be $9.99 when it hits the Indian app store), the iPhone avatar of Pro Evolution Soccer (called Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, or simply PES 2010) will allow mobile gamers to play as a club or a nation in the Europa League or UEFA Champions League. There are plenty of official club lincences around and Konami has made the usual game developer noises about amazing graphics and AI and the like, but what really has caught our attention is a mainly accelerometer mode of the game, where you tilt the phone to move the ball and player and tap the screen for different actions. We are intrigued. Watch this space for a review in the coming days.

How Google should change Android in wake of the iPhone 4

9 Jun

It has been over 24 hours since Apple announced the iPhone 4 and this is the first post I’m making about the device. My thoughts about the iPhone 4 have changed from sheer disappointment (heck, it is the same device that we had seen a couple of months ago) to unparalleled enthusiasm (I’d have probably started making arrangements to camp outside an Apple Store, had I been in the US). Call me a fan boy but after analysing what the iPhone 4 has to offer and after going through numerous hands-on posts, I’m convinced that Apple has really outdone itself and has changed the rules of the superphone game, again. (For the record, I’m a die-hard Android fan.)

However, even Steve Jobs agrees that if there is one OS that really competes with iOS, it has to be Google’s Android. Jobs could be seen comparing device shipment and web browsing stats of the two operating systems during his keynote. This says a lot about Android, which shipped its first device more than a year after the first iPhone and has already gone past the incumbents – Windows Mobile and Symbian.

While Android is still no where close to iOS in terms of apps (both number and quality), multimedia (it is the weakest OS  in multimedia department in my books) or sheer quality of hardware when compared to iOS, where it scores is its openness and multi-tasking abilities. Apple is bringing multitasking to the table with iOS 4, but it does not seem to be as convenient as Android’s drop-down notification bar on the top.

Now, I expect Google to devote more resources on the Android Market to ensure that there are more quality apps available. Google would also like to introduce paid apps to more countries as soon as possible to encourage developers to churn out as many interesting games and high-quality apps as possible. The sheer number of Android devices being sold in the world (about 100,000 devices everyday!) makes it very attractive to developers. It would also help if Google looked into cr-apps that have flooded the market and did some housekeeping rather than taking potshots at Apple.

Secondly, I would like to see Google change the way it releases OS updates. Considering that there are all sorts of phones at all possible price points and hardware configuration, it would help Google (and Android) if it classified which categories of phones run on which version of Android. This could be based on the processor/memory configuration of the phone. What this would do is ensure that the highest-end segment of phones  run on the most advanced OS version while the phones in the lower-end of the spectrum run on a more basic/lite version that gives most features but skips the processor-intensive stuff. By doing this, users will get a more refined user experience suited to their choice of hardware, which has been one of the main reason for the iPhone’s success. It would also mean that developers will be able to target high-end devices with better quality apps.

I won’t be surprised if we see Android phones from certain handset vendors to sport their equivalent of ‘retina display’ before the end of this year and include other key learnings from iPhone 4. Now only if Google can take care of its app store and OS update mechanism, I believe that Android can still take on the iPhone phenomenon.