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Apple finally launches the iPad in India

28 Jan

Nine months after it was first launched in the US, Apple’s iPad has finally made its way into India. Apple’s India Store is now showing the iPad, which starts from Rs 27,900 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi only version and goes up to Rs 44,900 for the 64 GB 3G+Wi-Fi version. State-owned carrier, BSNL, has announced special iPad 3G plans for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers that offers unlimited data usage for Rs 999.

Apple iPad pricing

Wi-Fi only – 16 GB Rs 27,900; 32 GB Rs 32,900; 64 GB Rs 37,900

Wi-Fi+3G – 16 GB Rs 34,900; 32 Gb Rs 39,900; 64 GB Rs 44,900

iPad accessories

  • Keyboard dock: Rs 3,700
  • Case: Rs 2,500 (the home page suggests Rs 2,500 but the product page suggests Rs 2,600)
  • iPad dock: Rs 1,600
  • Camera connection kit: Rs 1,700
  • 10W USB power adapter: Rs 1,900
  • Dock connector to VGA adapter: Rs 1,700

SOURCE: Apple Store (India)

VLC Player for iOS plays almost every video file

26 Oct

VLC Player iOS One major gripe that most iOS device users have is that they have to convert video files to a format that iTunes supports. Unless one uses a Mac, the exercise is painful and time consuming. Well, not anymore. VLC Player for iOS is now available on the App Store for, which allows users to transfer almost any video file format to their iPhone/iPod/iPad and play it using the free app.


We tried the app on our brand new iPod touch and it worked like a charm. Download VLC Player from the App Store. Now connect your iOS device to your PC/Mac and select it in iTunes. Click on the apps tab on the device page on iTunes. Scroll down till you see the file sharing option. Select VLC from there and add the video file you want to play on your iOS device. Once done, iTunes will sync the file to your device. On your iOS device, open VLC Player and you will see your videos displayed there.


We are not sure how Apple approved this app, considering that it replicates a function of one of the core Apple apps – iPod – and to be honest does a far better job. Anyway, we would suggest that you download VLC Player till the time Apple lets it live on the App Store.

Google releases Docs Viewer for Android and iOS devices

29 Jun

Google has released a new feature for Android phones as well as the iPhone and iPad that will enable users to view documents stored on their Google Docs account without having to first download the files to their phones.

The Viewer will support pich-to-zoom on the iPhone and iPad. Users can also switch between pages quickly. With Docs Viewer, users will be able to view files in PDFs, .ppt, .doc and .docx formats.

I have been viewing MS Excel files on my iPhone via its Safari browser without downloading it for some weeks now without even realising that it is a new feature. Yes, it comes in quite handy, expecially if you have a file that has been shared with multiple people and gets edited frequently. You can try it out today by pointing your supported phone’s browser to docs.google.com.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

iPhone 4 gets touched by King Midas

29 Jun

Designer Stuart Hughes, after bedazzling the Apple iPad, has now embellished the iPhone 4 in gold. In collaboration with the Goldstriker International, the designer will offer two ‘golden’ versions of the  32GB iPhone 4 – the half golden version and the full golden version. In the half golden edition, the metal band around the iPhone 4 will be gold polished with either 20K white gold or 18K Rose Gold or 24K gold whereas the full golden edition will have the metal band and the backside gold polished.

For the half golden edition of the iPhone 4 (in the picture), get ready to shell out ₤1,595 (approx Rs 1,11,000) and for the full golden edition, you’ll have to spend an exorbitant amount of ₤2,195 (approx Rs 1,53,000). Have the courage to buy one? Hit here.

HTC sues Apple for patent infringement

12 May

HTC today filed a complaint against Apple with the United States International Trade Commission to halt the import of Apple iPhone and iPad, claiming that the products infringed on HTC’s patents. While HTC did not mention which patents the products infringe, but the action comes weeks after Apple sued HTC for patent infringement. With the industry in such turmoil, the next couple of years are going to be action packed as we believe that many of these patent infringement cases are likely to be settled out of court – some involving exchange of money while others getting resolved by cross-patent licensing agreements. But if things keep going on the way they are, most smartphones will start looking and behaving the same. So much for innovation and competition.

Nokia sues Apple for patent infringement, includes iPad, next-gen iPhone in the mix

10 May

Last week, Nokia sued Apple yet again, alleging that Apple’s iPhone and iPad 3G infringe on five of Nokia’s patents. While it has been an ongoing process with both companies suing each other over patent infringement. However, this time it is interesting to note that one of the patents in question is related to “innovations in antenna configurations that improve performance and save space, allowing smaller and more compact devices.” While we did not cover the next generation iPhone leak story due to ethical reasons, one of the things that its tear down revealed was that Apple had reduced the footprint of internal circuitry to house a bigger battery inside. Did Nokia just included a patent that Apple might infringe upon in a product that it has not yet launched?

After Opera's success, Skyfire hints at browser for iPhone, promises video support

13 Apr

After Opera’s successful inclusion in Apple’s App Store, rival mobile browser maker Skyfire said in a blog post that the company would accelerate the development of its browser for iDevices (iPhone, iPod touch and probably even the iPad). While the company won’t give any dates or timelines, it promises that whenever it hits the App Store, it will support rich media and video playback. Just one word of friendly advice – stay away from Flash, fellas, El Jobso doesn’t get amused by it.

Apple set to unveil new tricks for iPhone and iPad

8 Apr

It’s time for some action, fellas! Yup, Apple is all set to reveal some new tricks for your iPhone and iPad in a few minutes from now. We will be following all the action online and will be Tweeting it as it happens on @cellpassion. So sit tight, grab a bag of pop corns and a bottle of soda and follow us on Twitter.

Apple to give a sneak preview of iPhone OS 4.0 this week, here's our wishlist

6 Apr

Word on the street has it that Apple has sent out invites to US media for a sneak preview of the new iPhone OS on April 8. Apple would have liked to introduce iPhone OS 4.0 along with the iPad release but seems like it was talking a wee bit longer to belt out the new OS than El Jobso could wait and hence the one week gap between the two.

Nevertheless, here’s our wishlist of stuff that we’d like to see in the new iPhone OS.

Multi-tasking: Ever since we laid our dirty mitts on the Godphone, there’s one thing we’ve wished for – multi-tasking. Yup, Apple has half-heartedly obliged us at times by giving push notifications and the likes, but all that we’re asking for is true multi-tasking. How about long-pressing the home button to see what apps are running in the background? Yeah, we know that multi-tasking sucks battery juice like the most efficient vampire bat at work but still, we wanna experience it on our own.

Notification bar: You might call it wishful thinking, but for once, we would like to see Apple taking a leaf out of Android’s books and give us that slide down notification bar on top. Yup, we know we can jailbreak our iPhones and get it, but we’d like to see the way Apple does it.

Live homescreen: Yeah, we are sick and tired of the same dull locked homescreen on our iPhone. It really does nothing. No live cricket scores, no news feeds, no nothing. Just a pain borin’ homescreen. How about adding a bit more zing to it, eh?

Social networking: If there is one area where Apple has totally missed the bus is online social networks. Coming to think of it, the most coveted smartphone of all times doesn’t really have much to show off when it comes to the most popular trend of the decade – social networking. We would like to see how the iPhone connects to Facebook, Twitter and the likes complete with a social addressbook.

iBooks: Over 250,000 iBooks have been downloaded on the iPad. Think what will happen if they became available on the iPhone?

Apple sells over 300K iPads on Day One, 1 million apps and 250K iBooks downloaded

5 Apr

Even as tech pundits try to figure out which category does the iPad belong to, consumers in the US thronged stores to pick up the latest gadget wizadry from Cupertino. Apple today released a press release claiming that it sold more than 300,000 iPads on opening day and that users downloaded over a million apps and quater of a million iBooks (Apple’s version of e-books).

“It feels great to have the iPad launched into the world—it’s going to be a game changer,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “iPad users, on average, downloaded more than three apps and close to one book within hours of unpacking their new iPad.”



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