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Samsung to launch Nexus S in India for Rs 24,000?

28 Dec

Take this one with a big grain of salt but if Indian online retailer Infibeam is to be believed, the Nexus S is all set to be launched in India at Rs 24,000! The retailer does not offer a launch date at the moment and simply mentions that it is coming soon.

The Nexus S’ India launch would validate our theory as to why Samsung has discontinued the Galaxy S in India but we have our apprehensions about the source – Infibeam. Remember, this is the same online retailer that had not so long ago claimed that it was selling the iPhone 4 that Apple India had imported, which obviously turned out to be false.

Unlike last time, we are keeping our fingers crossed that Infibeam is not taking its customers for a ride yet again.

SOURCE: Infibeam via Tech Bangalore

iPhone 4 launched in India? Not exactly…

2 Nov

When will Apple launch the iPhone 4 in India, seems to be the billion dollar question on everyone’s mind. Well, it seems online retailer Infibeam has the answer – RIGHT NOW! Infibeam is selling the iPhone 4 16 GB for 38,299 and the 32 GB variant for Rs 43,479 (notice how they refer to it as iPhone 4G and not iPhone 4). We called Infibeam to find out more and this is what they told us.


Initially, we were told that the phones were locked and we had to get them unlocked from a local ‘supplier.’ If the website says white version of the iPhone 4 is available, then it must be available. So what if Apple has not launched it yet. Then the receptionist (we assume) passed on the phone to another person who clarified that the phones were factory unlocked and the white version is not available, yet. When we quizzed him about Apple warranty on those phones, he claimed that the stock they have has been imported by Apple India, so users will get proper warranty.


All these claims simply don’t add up. It is just not possible for Apple not to announce the launch of iPhone 4 in India and give out stocks to retailers. That too not to its carrier partners but an Infibeam. We have reached out to Apple India for clarification on it. We believe that this is as good as buying the iPhone 4 from the grey market. So beware!


Thanks to @weemundo