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iDuple's Cloud Tablet takes Internet Tablet literally, we say bring it on!

26 Oct

iDuple We have not heard much about iDuple in the past but this Mumbai-based startup has just announced a cloud-based Internet Tablet that has just a browser. Yup, you heard it right, this Internet Tablet only has a browser. The device, called the Cloud Tablet, will boot in 5 seconds, have no hard drives (users get 50 GB of online space or can use memory cards) and will run apps directly from the browser. If it doesn’t turn out to be vaporware, we think the iDuple Cloud Tablet could pave way for sub-$100 Internet Tablets.

iDuple already runs a service at www.iduple.com where users pay a monthly fee to access what they call webtops. The idea is simple, let the heavy lifting happen on powerful servers in the background, all that the user needs to have is a web browser connected to the Internet. And that’s where the Cloud Tablet fits in perfectly.

We are not questioning whether they can come up with the hardware, the bigger challenge would be to have apps that would entice consumers to buy their product. Probably, iDuple would start by roping in its existing users rather than rolling it out in the open market. Come to think of it, they are already familiar with the concept and the Cloud Tablet would ensure that they can truly access their apps/services/data on the move.

I had always thought the folks at Opera to do something like a browser-based Internet tablet. I have even asked Opera’s co-founder Jon von Tetzxhner a couple of times when we met about hardware that runs on a browser rather than an operating system as we know it. And on both occasions, he had said it was possible but never committed to it. And now iDuple has done it or so it seems.