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Tata DoCoMo launches daily and weekly prepaid plans for its BlackBerry users

26 Jul

Tata DoCoMo has launched two new daily and weekly prepaid plans for its BlackBerry users – BlackBerry MaiLite and BlackBerry Internet Service. Under the BlackBerry MaiLite service plan, users will get unlimited access to e-mails and IM services. Users can also access up to 10 e-mail accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Google Mail and chat on popular services like Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger and BlackBerry Messenger.

The BlackBerry Internet Service plan will offer all the services which are offered under the BlackBerry MaiLite plan with addition to unlimited access to social networking sites and Internet browsing.

Check out the daily, weekly and monthly charges of these new plans in the table below:

Tata DoCoMo plans BlackBerry MaiLite plan BalckBerry Internet Service plan
Daily charges Rs 12 Rs 35
Weekly charges Rs 85 Rs 250
Monthly charges Rs 299 Rs 900

Now operate your Hotmail account via SMS, GPRS not required!

10 Jun

Now you can get your emails from your hotmail account on your phone even without a GPRS connection. Yes, it’s true as Hotmail users can now send and receive emails via SMS without GPRS connectivity. You just have to visit www.mobile.live.com to fill-in your mobile number. Don’t worry, it’s totally safe and spam-proof (Hotmail won’t distribute your mobile numbers to unwanted agencies or so they claim). And after when you finish the necessary procedures, you can start sending and receiving mails. The mails will come in the form of a SMS in your phone’s message inbox.

To check your mails, you’ll be required to send a message ‘ia’ to a particular number which Hotmail shall provide you. Forwarding and replying to mails will cost you standard SMS tariffs.