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Binatone launches Rs 9,000 Android tablet

19 Sep

There is yet another player in the Indian smartphone/tablet market, Binatone. Many remember the brand as being associated with televisions and other consumer electronics in the nineties. Well, they are back and now are betting on tablets and smartphones running Android.  And they are fighting big on price. Most impressive of their offerings is a rather natty looking HomeSurf 8″ Touch tablet, which is almost as slim as the iPad, runs Android 1.6, has an 8 inch resistive screen, Wi-Fi, 2 GB onboard storage, 128 MB RAM and is powered by an ARM 11 667 MHz processor. But the killer is the price: Rs 9,000, which is less than half that charged by other Android tablets in the market today. We might just be looking at the first attempt to make the tablet mainstream, even if it does depend on an older version of Android!

In a presentation mailed to us, the company made a pretty stiff argument favouring the Android platform and also showed off its Android-based HomeSurf range of smartphones, MIDs, netbooks and tablets.  What is not as good is the fact that the company has opted to go with an archaic version of the OS – 1.6. Still, we guess that if it brings the prices down, there will be takers, which should in turn, pull down prices of other products (witness what Micromax has done in the cellphone market). Interesting times!