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Gresso’s iPhone 4 Black Diamond case solves 'Antennagate' in style

23 Jul

Gresso has launched its latest iPhone 4 casing, made of 200-years old African Blackwood, the signature material which they have used for the iPhone 3GS casing as well. The Gresso iPhone 4 Black Diamond casing has an 18-K gold Apple logo embedded on the backside with an inlaid glittering black diamond.

This $10,000 case for the iPhone 4 not only makes the device look pretty but also solves the ‘death grip’ problem that many users are facing. The antenna strip around the perimeter of the iPhone 4, which is the known culprit for the problem, will be covered by the steel frame along the edges of the Gresso case. The steel frame has a titanium black PVD coating which being dielectric in nature will nullify the reception issue and consequently, there will be no loss of signal, according to Gresso.

Gresso brings luxurious casing for the Godphone

29 Jun

Gresso, a company renowned for manufacturing luxury mobile phones, has this time come up with an exclusive wooden casing for your Apple iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. This ‘super-haute’ iPhone casing is made of African Blackwood (known for its durability and strength) with an 18K-gold Apple logo carved on the backside. Since, the texture of the wood always differs, so no two iPhones cases would be alike. So if you don’t mind paying extra for exclusivity, the Gresso iPhone casing is definitely your thing.

There are two variants in the Gresso iPhone casing – the male version (which has a plain back with an 18K-gold Apple logo) and a female version (with an 18K-gold Apple logo and inscribed Swarovski crystals).

The limited edition Gresso iPhone 3GS casing would be available at select outlets in July whereas the Gresso iPhone 4 casing will be only available by the end of this year.

Gresso goes white, with diamonds of course

27 May

After showing us what they can do with African Blackwood and black diamonds, Gresso is back in the business with white diamonds. The phone, as always, is made of African Blackwood and the keys are made of gold encrusted with white diamonds. The phone comes in two variants – Royal White Diamonds with 23 white diamonds and White Diamonds with four white diamonds.

The 200 piece limited edition Royal White Diamonds will set you back by 33,000 Euros while the normal one will carry a tag of 9,000 Euros.

A phone with Black Diamonds!

17 Dec

Ingredients – Over 200 years-old African Blackwood, a generous helping of electronic circuitry and gold encrusted black diamonds for garnishing.

Method – Mould a piece of African Blackwood into a cellphone and embed it with all the electronic circuitry available. Cover it with another piece of African Blackwood on top and add a display screen. Garnish it with 0.11K black diamonds set in gold to function as the keys. Voila! The Gresso Avantgarde Black Diamond edition is ready!

Luxury handset maker Gresso has done it yet again. Not content with handsets made of African Blackwood, the manufacturer decided to top it up with a few Black Diamonds and a Midas touch in its latest offering – the Avantgarde Black Diamond. The handheld will come in two editions, the Black Diamond and the Royal Black Diamond, and will be available in Europe.

The Royal Black Diamond has 2.53K of black diamonds, considered to be the rarest variety of diamonds. Gresso claims that there will be only 50 pieces available, due to the rarity of black diamonds. You can own this piece of history for Euro 30,000! The plain Jane Black Diamond edition comes with keys made of gold and four black diamonds. This one will be available for Euro 9,000. Now ain’t that a bargain to own a piece of history? After all, diamonds are forever!