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Google Voice finally comes to the iPhone

17 Nov

After being blocked by Apple, a move that led to some regulatory hassles for both Google and Apple, Google Voice app for the iPhone is finally going live today. Currently available only in the US, the app allows users to make cheap international calls and also divert calls from multiple numbers to just one Google Voice number. To use Google Voice on an iPhone, you need to have iOS 3.1 or above and should have a Google Voice account. You can download the app from here.

SOURCE: Google Voice Blog

Google integrates Google Voice with Gmail, allows you to call other phones from Gmail

25 Aug

Google today introduced a new feature today that integrates Google voice with Gmail. This will allow Google Voice users to call other phones directly from their Gmail interface at the same rates as Google Voice. Basically, all calls to the US and Canada are free while international calls start from $0.02. Like Google Voice, this feature is available to users in the US only. Watch this video below that encapsulates the announcement.

Vlingo takes on Google Voice Actions, goes free – and does not need Froyo!

15 Aug

All right, we literally love the sound of this. Vlingo, the folks who have given us some really super voice to text software, have made their Android application free. What’s more, unlike Google Voice Actions, you do not need a Froyo-running phone to use it – it works just dandy on Android 2.1 and 2.0. The decision comes within a day of Google releasing Voice Actions, ensuring that the Android platform is set to see quite a battle in the sound-to-text sphere.

While Dave Grannan, President and CEO of Vlingo, congratulated Google on Voice Actions on the official Vlingo blog, he also tactfully pointed out the advantages Vlingo offers over Google’s offering:

“For all the appeal of Voice Actions, we think we still have something compelling to offer the market by virtue of Vlingo being an independent provider of voice-enablement: namely we don’t have to preference any particular content. So just as our product runs across all smartphones (iPhone, Android, RIM BlackBerry, Nokia Series 60, Windows Mobile), we also mash up with content other than Google content. Our current Android product leverages Facebook and Twitter for example (and here’s a hint—look for more such mash ups coming out very soon in our Vlingo for Android product). And of course we also have other features not yet present in Voice Actions, such as our SafeReader feature that reads your incoming text and email messages to you.”

In case you have been living on a really non-appy planet (Vlingo is also available for the iPhone and BlackBerry), Vlingo is an app that lets you send texts, mails, dial numbers, update Twitter and do a few more nifty things by just speaking into your handset. Well, it actually works. So well that if you have an Android handset running version 2.1 or above, we are going to mark you down for suspected insanity.