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Breaking: Schmidt reveals Gingerbread's juicy details… developing

16 Nov

Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, is currently showing off the device we know as the Nexus S at the Web 2.0 Summit 2010. The first juicy bit is that the device will have an NFC chip and Gingerbread will support the technology (duh!). Schmidt is also talking about mobile payments and is hoping that it will be big in the next year with NFC chips.

When asked to comment on what he is most dissatisfied with Android, Schmidt says that he would like to focus more on the apps layer. Iit is difficult to control in an open environment.

Schmidt: I said there will never be a Nexus “Two.”

Relevance of Chrome in an Android era

Schmidt: Android is primarily for devices with a touchscreen while Chrome OS has been designed for a keyboard based device like a netbook. Chrome OS will be available in the coming months while Gingerbread will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Rumor: Motorola to launch Internet Tablet this month

12 Nov

imageFollowing up on our earlier post about Motorola’s plans to launch the Milestone X in India, we have been hit with some more information. It is not the Milestone X but something even bigger and is in fact a global announcement. Again this is unconfirmed, but it seems that Motorola will announce an Internet Tablet with a 10-inch display this month. The timing sounds just about right with Google’s Gingerbread announcement any day now. Could it be that it ain’t the Nexus S alone and there is a Moto tablet waiting to share the limelight? We certainly think so.