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Garmin-Asus launches M10, India's first WinMo 6.5.3 handset

30 Mar

Garmin and Asus’ teamwork gave us the two phones- the M20 and the G60 in the past.  And now the third phone by this successful partnership is finally in India, a dedicated navigation handheld – the M10. The coolest thing about this one is that, it has got pre-embedded maps of 62 major Indian cities (thanks to Navteq) offering integrated turn-by-turn navigation, lane assistance with junction view and text to speech (reads out road names). There is also a Ciao feature in the handset that will let you know on which road is your friend travelling. Just to sum it up, it’s more like an inclusion of the best GPS device by Garmin into this phone.


On the specs front, it is based on the latest updated version WinMo 6.5.3, sports a 3.5 inch display, a 600 MHz processor by Qualcomm, Wi-Fi, a 5.0 MP camera, VGA video recording, 4 GB of onboard storage and talktime of 8 hours.
Wondering how much you would have to shell out on this one? We’ll say, take a sigh of relief as this one is available in the market for just Rs 19,990.

We have had a chance to take the M10 for a spin and will be posting our first impressions in the coming days.

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MS reveals Win Mo 6.5, phone line-up

6 Oct

WinMo Home screen

big M from Redmond has officially released the next version of its
Windows Mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6.5, as well as a
list of phones bearing the OS that will be available around the
world. Yes, yes, we had been messing around with Win Mo 6.5 for a few
weeks, but hey, now the whole world can do so. Officially.

Windows phone lets people take their entire world of digital
information, communications, applications and entertainment with them
wherever they go,” said Microsoft CEO Steve
(he-who-stamped-on-that-phone) Ballmer. But is the new OS a breath of
fresh air or just a facelift to an ageing, if reasonably popular, OS?
Well, all said and done, Win Mo 6.5 does seem to bring some new
goodies to the mobile table. We have a new home screen with large,
finger-friendly icons, a thoroughly boosted Internet Explorer
browser, and in keeping with the social networking rage in mobiledom,
a “new enhanced Windows Live experience with What’s New feeds
and improved Windows Live photo sharing across major social
networking sites (such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Flickr)” .
And for those who like to tweak the appearance of their devices,
there is the Windows phone Custom Theme Creator, using which people
can create personalised themes for their devices.

launched is the My Phone synchronisation and back up service for
backing up phone data, which will be free for Win Mo 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5
users until November 30, after which a price tag will be slapped on
it. Last but not least, there is the matter of Windows Marketplace
for Mobile, Microsoft’s reply to the Android Market, Apple App Store
and Ovi Store, which promises to help people find and purchase
high-quality mobile applications for both work and play, “while
creating a new opportunity for developers to reach millions of people
using Windows phones worldwide.” The marketplace has started off
with a modest 246 applications, but that number can be safely
expected to swell in the coming days.

HTC Touch Pro 2

the handset front, the Win Mo devices that will grace Asia in the
coming days are the Acer beTouch E100, beTouch E101, beTouch E200
and Acer neoTouch; Garmin-Asus nüvifone M20
HTC Snap, HTC Touch Pro2, HTC Touch
Diamond2 and HTC Touch2
; LG
GM730 and LG GM550
; and Samsung
Omnia II , Samsung Omnia PRO B7320, Omnia PRO B7330. From the
operator side, China Unicom will be offering the ZTE X60, while
Telstra will come out with the HTC Touch Diamond 2. A notable
absentee from that list is the company that gave us what we feel is
one of the best Win Mo 6.1 devices we have had the honour to use, the
Xperia X1 – Sony Ericsson. Alas, such are the vagaries of time. We
also noted with some regret that the HTC Touch HD2 was headed for
Europe and not Asia and that the much-talked of HTC Imagio would be
offered by Verizon in North America.

will this signal a new era in the mobile history of the company that
has been literally bossing the computer segment with its OS? Although
we like the look and feel of Win Mo 6.5, we would like to be
permitted to raise a cynical eyebrow. For one, its most obvious new
feature – the larger icons and home screen – are likely to be
papered by cellphone manufacturers’ skins such as Samsung’s TouchWiz
and HTC’s TouchFlo. However, what is more distressing is that the OS,
for all its virtues, still seems to lack the interactivity that its
competition has. There is little sign of widgets or even of
integration with mapping services, even though Microsoft has plenty
of content in these departments. And while the new IE seems an
improvement over its predecessor, we are going to be sticking with
Opera Mobile.

while it might not turn the Mobile OS tide towards Redmond, Win Mo
6.5 is definitely a step in the right direction, and should keep MS
in the business until Win Mo 7 comes along. Hey, even Mr Ballmer
admitted that he could not wait for that operating system. Neither
can we. Look out for our detailed review in the coming days. 

Garmin-Asus to show not one, but two 'nuvifones' at MWC?

12 Feb

Well, it seems that the newly forged alliance between Garmin and Asus is already taking shape. Word on the street is that the joint venture between the two brands will result in not one but two devices under the nuvifone range that will be showcased at MWC next week! Yup, we know that they’d promised us a complete range of nuvifones but for MWC,we were expecting just the good ol’ nuvifone from last year’s show. Well, not anymore!

Update 3: What to expect at MWC '09

4 Feb

Hola! With just about two weeks to go before we pack our bags and camp out in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2009 (MWC 2009), rumourmills are abuzz with what’s likely to happen at the biggest telecom show on the planet. We have got everything from speculation to outright leaks and even spyshots. Yeah, it does kill the excitement of being there at the official press conference but what the heck, who’s complainin’?

Over here, we’ll keep you posted about all product leaks that are headed to be ‘officially’ announced in Barcelona next month. And yeah, remember, these are all rumours so don’t haul us up if something that’s featured here doesn’t get showcased at the event. We’ll keep updating this post till February 15, the eve of MWC 2009.


Update 3: toshiba is expected to launch a 9.9 mm phone with a 4.1 inch WVGA touchscreen that runs on Qualcomm’s 1 GHz SnapDragon platform. For details, click here


Update 3: News just trickling in about a Garmin-Asus strategic alliance. The two companies are working on a portfolio of nuvifone products that will be Garmin-Asus branded. The original nuvifone has been rebranded as G60 and will be displayed at the show. Details can be found over here.


The big daddy of all hardware WiMo and Android has a huge portfolio of WiMo and Android devices to flaunt.The line-up includes an all touchscreen successor of the G1. Check out the 2009 line-up here and the G2 here.


No hidden secrets over here, the Big M from Redmond is expected to announce an update to its Windows Mobile 6.1 platform. The new one, which is likely to be called version 6.5 isn’t expected to bring anything significantly new to the table apart from some touches to the UI.


While everyone is expecting Sammy boy to announce its first Android device at the show, we have been tipped about at least two new WiMo devices with codenames Pivot and Louve. You can read more about them over here.
Update 2: Sammy’s 12 MP super shooter cam phone is revealed, should rear its head at MWC. An upgraded Innov8 and Omnia 16 GB is also on the horizon.
Update 3: Samsung is also expected to announce an application store for its Symbian S60 and WiMo devices. Nine Samsung devices headed for MWC leaked here.


The world’s largest cellphone vendor (and also the most badly hit by a certain smartphone) is not immune to leaks either. In the past week or so, we have seen two devices, both with sliding QWERTY keyboards getting leaked. You can read about the 5730 XpressMusic here and the E75 over here.
Update 1: Rumours about an 8.0 MP camphone to be part of the announcement at MWC.


It is still not clear what LG has hidden up its sleeve but we have stumbled upon the details of a few seemingly interesting devices like the KM900, KT770, GT500, GT810H, GW520 and GW600.
Update 3: LG’s flagship product of the show, Arena KM900, pops up in a phone retail store from Netherland. For details, click here.

Sony Ericsson

The Swedish vendor is infamous for having its announcements leaked days in advance. Till now, we are hearing about the W395, a mid-range Walkman phone and two Cyber-shot devices C901 and C903, both of which will have a 5 MP camera, AF, smile and face detector and the other usual Cyber-shot features.
Update 1: Sony Ericsson is expected to announce seven devices at its MWC press conference. The announcement could include a new device in the XPERIA range and an 8.0 MP Walkman phone.


After acquiring E-Ten last year, Acer will be participating this time around and is likely to introduce a couple of WiMo based devices.


The Chinese vendor has almost confirmed that it’ll bring an Android device to the show.


After rocking CES with the Pre, Palm is expectd to announce a GSM variant of the Pre with a European carrier.


The folks who snubbed Microsoft in the EU and beat it on its own WiMo platform with Opera 9.5 are expected to announce a new browser this time around. We ain’t quite sure what it’s going to be but we do smell a version of the browser for Android and even Symbian S60.


The guys behind Documents To Go Office Suite for mobile devices are expected to announce a version for the iPhone.

Well, that’s about it for the time being but do keep checking this post for more updates as and when they happen.


Garmin, Asus join hands for GPS-enabled devices

4 Feb

Garmin and Asus today announced a strategic alliance that will lead to a portfolio of GPS-enabled devices under the Garmin-Asus brand. The first product of the alliance will be the nuvifone G60, which is the same nuvifone that Garmin showcased last year. The device will be showcased at MWC in Barcelona later this month.

According to the press release, the two companies are working on a complete portfolio of devices in the nuvifone series. It was a well-known fact that Garmin was working with Asus for its original nuvifone that it had showcased in February last year. however, the product witnessed several delays and has not hit shelves yet. The company now expects the device to hit markets in the first half of this year.

Apart from Locastion Based Services, the nuvifone will also feature Ciao! which will be a location based social networking application. We are looking forward to catching up with the nuvifone in Barcelona!

Garmin's nuvifone delayed, again

30 Jul

GPS device manufacturer Garmin today announced its foray into the cellphone business has been delayed again and its nüvifone will now be available some time during the first half of next year. The GPS-centric handheld seems to have hit the wrong notes with European carriers, who seem to be bargaining for a better (read pleasing to the eye) aesthetics. We last saw the nüvifone at CommunicAsia in June and the product was far from perfect and the OS was still being worked upon. The device was first introduced in February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

“The nüvifone will not be available in fourth quarter as previously announced. While we had hoped to have carrier launches in the fourth quarter, we have found that meeting some of the carrier specific requirements will take longer than anticipated. We remain pleased with carrier interest in the device and are working toward making necessary design changes to meet their requirements. We anticipate launching the product during the first half of 2009,” read a statement issued by the company.

While the nüvifone might have advanced GPS-enabled features, we always thought that the device was more than a handful, especially keeping the iPhone in mind, which has caught everyone’s fancy after it was launched in June last year. Carriers who have failed to snap up the rights to distribute the iPhone on their networks are desperately seeking an ‘iPhone killer’, a title that the nüvifone has failed to achieve.

We hope that when we meet the nüvifone next, it would be a much sleeker, sexier and pocketable handheld and not the boring Personal Navigation Device garb that it currently dons.