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EA snaps up Chillingo, misses out Angry Birds

21 Oct

Game publishing behemoth Electronic Arts (EA) has acquired Chillingo, the popular game publisher that has come out with games such as the amazingly popular Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. The price? A very cool twenty million dollars, which is not really a bad deal considering that it paid $250 million for Playfish not too long ago. However, the deal will not let EA get its hands on Angry Birds. The uber-popular fowl flinging game may be distributed by Chillingo on the iPhone, but is developed by Roxio and those folks have held on to the game’s name, IP and rights. In fact, Angry Birds on Android was released by Roxio itself and not by Chillingo. EA still gets a fair bit by the deal, that said, with Chillingo’s leaderboards and achievements and of course, their Crsytal SDK platform. Now, who was it who said that all the money in gaming was in consoles?

Shark Alert! Jaws arrives on the iPhone

19 Aug

This is going to bring a sentimental tear to the eyes of all techies who were around in the seventies when Mr Spielberg had stunned the world with his film on a shark with a taste for human flesh which terrorises a small town. Well, now a game based on that film – and even featuring its spine-chilling soundtrack – has appeared on the App Store. Called (surprise, surprise) Jaws, the game puts you in the shoes of police chief Martin Brody (the role essayed by Roy Scheider in the film, remember?) in the town of Amity Island. And your job, just as in the movie, is making sure that the waters surrounding your town’s beach are safe. Basically, this amounts to getting people out of the sea before they become shark food – and the game does feature a “25 foot long, 3 ton virtual shark.” You can “touch, drag and flick swimmers to beaches and boats” and play through ten levels. Call it a bit like Air Traffic Control with water and a shark thrown in and some very nice graphics, but we reckon that there will be quite a few takers for the game at $2.99.

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution on iPhone Goes Free

7 Aug

All right, in terms of gaming bonanzas, we do not think it gets any bigger than this. The legendary Sid “Civilization” Meier’s strategy game for the iPhone, Civilization Revolution, is available for free download “for a limited time” (we suspect it is just for a day but are praying like the deuce that it is longer). The game is considered by just about every hardcore strategy gamer as the best mobile game for those who love the gather-build-conquer model with lots of intricacies (hey, this is a Sid Meier game, after all) thrown in for good measure, not least the option of being able to lead any of 16 civilizations throughout history to lead to glory (or utter disaster, if you have a bad run, or heck, just want to.”

The original price of the game is $6.99, so we would urge all of you with gaming genes in your blood to go right ahead and download it while it is free. There is bad news for Indian gamers, though – the game ain’t available in the Indian App Store. Talk about getting the best things in life for free but being unable to download them. But ah…that is another story for another now. As of now, all those who can get Civilization Revolution, go right ahead. “Free”dom never tasted this good.

Goal! Pro Evo Soccer arrives in the App Store

13 Jun

It has taken its time coming, but Konami’s legendary Pro Evolution Soccer football game is finally in the Apple App Store, just days after the Football World Cup got underway (coincidence, eh?). The iPhone is the latest platform to host the football game rivalry between Konami and EA which has reached epic proportions on other platforms, with Pro Evo (as it is called) taking on EA’s FIFA football series. The coming days will reveal how the titles face off against each other on the Godphone, with the likes of Real Football and X2 Football doing much more than making up footy game numbers in the App Store.
Priced at a rather expensive £5.99 (we expect it to be $9.99 when it hits the Indian app store), the iPhone avatar of Pro Evolution Soccer (called Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, or simply PES 2010) will allow mobile gamers to play as a club or a nation in the Europa League or UEFA Champions League. There are plenty of official club lincences around and Konami has made the usual game developer noises about amazing graphics and AI and the like, but what really has caught our attention is a mainly accelerometer mode of the game, where you tilt the phone to move the ball and player and tap the screen for different actions. We are intrigued. Watch this space for a review in the coming days.

Original Prince of Persia in App Store, for just $0.99

7 Jun

We have lost count of the number of Prince of Persia titles that have been released on various platforms over the past few years. Heck, there’s now even a silver screen avatar of the leaping, running and sword-waving royal resident of Persia. But for many gamers, the REAL Prince of Persia has always been the 2D platformer that Jordan Mechner developed for the Apple II way back in 1989 (yep, it was THAT long ago). Well, that very game is now back with a bang – in all its 2D platformy, leaping and bounding glory – on the Apple App Store, thanks to the folks at Ubisoft.

You once again get to play the Prince and fight your way through dungeons and guards and all sorts of booby traps to save your beloved princess from the clutches of the wicked Vizier Jaffar – all within an hour. The game is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And at just $.099 is a bargain. Play it, and discover that you do not need 3D, cutting edge graphics or fancy sound effects to enjoy a game.

New Fast and Furious game racing to App Store on Thursday

20 Apr

Fast and Furious Adrenaline
There’s good news for mobile racing game lovers. After Fast and Furious The Game, and Fast and Furious Pink Slip, the App Store is set to welcome a third game in the series, Fast and Furious Adrenaline, come Thursday. The release in our inboxes talks of 35 cars, more than five “iconic” locations, 12 tracks, five race types, brand new night tracks, and (the part we like best) the option of uploading your racing videos to Facebook using the Facebook Video upload facility. There is also mention of a Turf War mode, where player is asked to join a crew, and then conquer territories by winning races as well as defending existing turf when challenged.

All of which sounds like vintage Fast and Furious. And while the release does not mention it, we are sure that the game will be backed up by some terrific music, in best F&F tradition. Quite remarkably, there is no mention of the graphics either (normally the best place for the agencies to throw in adjectives like “jaw-dropping,” “earth-shaking,” and the like) but the screen grabs we have seen look VERY promising. We have no idea of the price but heck, we reckon, it will be worth it for those with a need for speed. Pun intended.

Tony "Scarface" Montana on the App Store

13 Apr

Another day and another big gaming title to the Apple App Store. And
this time it is one of the iconic Hollywood figures who makes his way to
the godphone through a game. We are talking of Tony Montana, so
spectacularly rendered by Al Pacino in Scarface. Well, after inspiring
game developers for PCs and consoles, the game is now on the iPhone too.
Titled Scarface: Last Stand, the game has been developed by Tricky
Software for Starwave. And if our sources are correct, the game picks on
the most famous scene of the film – the amazing gun battle at the end
where Tony Montana takes on all comers.

The game is basically an arcade affair with lots and lots of enemies to
gun down, but it literally seems to offer lot of bang for your buck (or
more accurately, $6.99), with thirty levels, two game modes, fifteen
weapons and plenty of achievements. No, not too much of Mr. Pacino, but shoot’em up fans should be