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India threatens to ban BlackBerry, Skype and Google services

2 Jul

Indian government agencies are preparing the groundwork to what might lead to the banning of Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry, VoIP service Skype and some of Google’s services on the pretext of security concerns, according to multiple reports in the Indian media. An amendment to the Information Technology Act (IT Act) is being prepared by the Department of Information and Technology that would make it mandatory for foreign companies to either give complete access to their networks or set up servers within the country and make it accessible to security agencies.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) also wants these companies to either make the data going through their networks available to security agencies in a readable format or face a ban. A year or so ago, DoT had raised similar concerns against RIM’s BlackBerry service but had eventually cleared it.

According to the reports, the government will give RIM and Skype 15 days to make data going through its networks in a readable format or face a ban.

Source: Business Standard

Mobile Number Portability delayed yet again, might happen in Februrary 2011

25 Jun

Mobile number portability (MNP) in India shall once again not meet its deadline of 30 June, a senior official at the department of telecommunications (DoT) told Mint. According to the DoT official, MNP will not be implemented before February next year as state-owned operators MTNL and BSNL have not been able to get the gateways installed in time. While BSNL has started installing the gateways in some parts of the country, MTNL hasn’t even initiated the process.

Once the gateways are installed, operators will first undergo project testing for two months before bringing number portability to the common public.

BWA auctions update: Day 14

10 Jun

The bids for the BWA auctions stood at Rs 12,257.30 crore on 9th June. Mumbai continued to be the most expensive circle with the highest bid value of Rs 2,152.95 crore. The second highest bid of Rs 2,101.02 crore was recorded for Delhi with Tamil Nadu and Karnataka occupying the third and the fourth spots with bidding values of Rs 1,931.06 crore and Rs 1,527.98 crore respectively.

Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala and Himachal Pradesh had excess demand by one bidder each. As many as 8 circles were in negative demand zone. The list includes – Uttar Pradesh (West), Rajasthan, Bihar, Orissa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kolkata and Punjab.

Click here to see the full report published by DoT.

BWA auctions update: Day 12

8 Jun

It just took 12 days for the BWA auctions to cover the initial base price of Rs 10,000 crore set by the government. On the 12th day of the auction, the bids soared to Rs 10,652.08 crore, assuring the government at least a sum of Rs 31,956 crore from the sale of BWA spectrum.

The highest bidding amount was recorded for Mumbai with bidding value crossing Rs 1,800 crore. Delhi occupied the second spot with bidding value of Rs 1,758.29 crore. The third highest and the fourth highest bids were recorded for Tamil Nadu and Karnataka with respective bid amounts of Rs 1,614.48 crore and Rs 1,277.48 crore. Bihar witnessed extra demand by 3 bidders whereas Delhi, Mumbai, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu had one extra bidder.

State-owned operators BSNL and MTNL have already received BWA spectrum by the government. The payment criteria demands these operators to pay similar sum that shall be paid by other private operators after the completion of BWA auctions.

Click here to check out the complete report by DoT.